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Become an ambassador![edit]

The ambassador role is suitable for Wikimedians who believe that digitization is important and that GLAM cooperation is a source of inspiration and motivation to advance the mission of free knowledge.

Who should become an ambassador?

Anyone who cares to help protect GLAM institutions in their country and to ensure that digitized content can be used on sites such as Wikipedia. We need to work proactively and take measures to counter systemic bias and encourage diversity of institutions across the world. With your help we can reach GLAM partners across the globe and find ways to work and support each other.

Ambassadors are champions of GLAM cooperation with the Wikimedia projects and volunteer to use that power to support the project in several ways. 

Early support

Ambassadors help communicate to local communities about the project and provide updates of the process, such as when events are being organized or material is being made available. Translations is valuable and appreciated.

Another way is to provide constructive input and ideas for what type of activities should be organized and what GLAM institutions should be approached. Ambassadors can also organize discussions at different conferences and events that takes place outside of the project.

Later support

Ambassadors can also volunteer their champion powers when we have identified databases containing information about GLAM institutions and want to approach the database owners about releasing the data. Support to organize meetings with GLAM institutions are extremely valuable.

Communicating about batch uploads of digitized collections to ensure that the material added to the Wikimedia projects are used is crucial to ensure long term partnerships with the GLAM institutions.