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Fundraising 2007/Why Give blog

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Visit the blog at http://whygive.wikimedia.org/ and add it to your RSS readers and blogrolls!

What is the "Why Give" blog?


This blog will be a blog designed to accompany the 2007 Fundraiser. We are creating the blog on an experimental basis. It will feature bloggers from the Wikimedia communities, who will byline the posts. Essentially, the articles will be theirs (licensed under the GFDL).

The posts will be provocative and diverse. They will be designed to make people think and discuss. The most recent post will be linked from the global sitenotice.

The blog will be in English for now. Other language blogs can be added should the blog create a measurable impact and the need for those languages be merited.

Your suggestions for posts


Every post should, in some way, be connected to the fundraiser. It should answer, implicitly or explicitly, the question: Why should you support the Wikimedia Foundation? Please understand that not all posts can and will be selected for the fundraiser.

Please remember to add a byline, e.g. "[Your name] lives in [location] and has been a contributor to [project] since [date]. He enjoys [activity] and has a [blog|website|pet|whatever]."  ;-)


selected for cleanup/posting:

please add suggestions below:

Other ways you can help


We will need a few blog moderators to periodically check the blog comments for trolling, vandalism, flamewars, etc. If you're interested in participating this way, please email Cary Bass.