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Fundraising 2010/Tamar Appeal/lb

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Gëschter hunn ech mengem Meedche seng Spillschoul besicht an ech war faszinéiert wéi ech véier Kanner nogekuckt hunn, déi zesummen en Tuerm gebaut hunn. Vun Zäit zu Zäit ass den Tuerm ëmgefall, bis schliisslech e Meedchen bäi se gaang ass an hinne sot: "Dir musst den Tuerm ënne méi breet bauen, soss bleift den Tuerm net stoen." Duerno hunn déi Véier sech gesat fir en nees opzebauen. Dës Kéier hunn se en ënne méi breet a méi stabil gebaut an dorop hunn se en héijen Tuerm gebaut. The whole kindergarten gathered to applaud them, and the teacher complimented them, too. And I looked from the side on that girl who gave the advice, without which the tower wouldn't stand. She stood there with a spark in her eyes and looked very happy and proud, as if she had built the tower herself.

At that moment I also felt great happiness and pride. In the whirlpool of life, between daily chores, children and work, I find time to sit and write quality articles for Wikipedia. Like that girl, I am also "behind the scenes"—nobody pays me and nobody thanks me, but I know that the knowledge that I shared with others is out there. Who knows how many people it advanced, how many horizons it opened up, how many towers it built.

This is the magic of Wikipedia, the most up-to-date collection of knowledge in the world, all of which was written by the people, for the people. We didn't come to become rich or to receive applause. Just to make sure that every person in the world will get free access to important information and knowledge, upon which he will build a stable and wide base for his own tower.

To have this magic go on, to make sure that Wikipedia stays free of advertisements, we need your donation today - $20, €30, ₪100, ¥4,000 or whatever you can give to keep Wikipedia free. We are all volunteers, but Wikipedia has infrastructure and operation costs. Every donation counts, every dollar can be critical. Please remember this during this annual fundraiser and take part in this magic called "Wikipedia".

Bless you,

Tamar Hayardeni

Jerusalem, Israel