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Fundraising 2011/Chapters

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Welcome to the chapter hub

This hub is to allow chapters to report their testing results, request tests and report their daily fundraising totals and to allow the foundation to report back metrics related to testing and the main fundraising period. Any open questions related to the chapters and fundraising should be posted at the fundraising noticeboard.

Fundraising 2011
Discussion pages
Chapters portal
Tech, stats and resources
Live chat: #wikimedia-fundraisingconnect
  • Fundraising Noticeboard - To share news on any of the below with the community and other chapters. Feel free to make a post describing your activities and linking back to the relevant pages.
  • Testing - For testing requests and reporting test results
  • Materials - To post materials used by your chapter; such as mass emails, landing pages, banners etc.
  • Agreement - For the current 2011-12 chapter fundraising agreement.
  • Fundraising Summit - Information related to the 2011 Fundraising summit that was held in Vienna, Austria from 17th-19th June 2011.