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Grants:APG/Funds Dissemination Committee/Feedback

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A discussion page for issues related to the FDC



We would like to use this page to gather input as we develop the charter and processes for the Funds Dissemination Committee.

We seek to engage with a wide range of representatives from the Wikimedia community through this process.

If you would like to share your thoughts, feel free to do so on the talk page. If you are interested in speaking to us in more detail, reach out and we can set up a phone interview.


  • What are your thoughts on the current resolution and plan to establish an FDC?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of existing approaches to funds dissemination? Including:
    • The project grants process and the GAC?
    • The reimbursement process?
    • The internal planning & budgeting of the WMF? of large chapters?
  • What do you believe is the most effective model for the FDC?
    • What types/sizes of funding should go through FDC (vs. other channels?)
    • What decision-making authority should the FDC have? What relationship should the FDC have with the WMF Board of Trustees?
    • Do you have thoughts on other process issues?
  • What should the composition of the FDC look like?
    • How many members should the FDC have?
    • How should they represent the movement?
    • How should they be selected?
  • How can we enable the community to engage with and lead an FDC funds dissemination process?
    • What do you anticipate being the most contentious issues?
    • What communities across the movement should we include? How?
    • How can we develop related capacity and skills within communities?