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GLAM on Tour

Swiss National Sound Archives




25. - 27. October 2019

With great pleasure, we announce our new cooperation with the Swiss National Sound Archives. Besides an ongoing project on Wikidata, we will organize our GLAM on Tour event this year in fall, together with the 'Fonoteca nazionale svizzera'.

The Swiss National Sound Archives with its headquarters in Lugano is the sound archives of Switzerland and is responsible for safeguarding the sound heritage of our country.

Centro San Carlo in Lugano and the headquarter of the Swiss national sound archives.

We invite you to participate in this edition of GLAM on Tour, which this year takes place in the Italian part of Switzerland, and discover the precious heritage safeguarded in the Swiss National Sound Archives. The archive is usually not open to the public. You will receive exclusive access to the archive and it's full physical and digital collection. The Swiss National Sound Archives has also a nice small library, which will be opened for us.

This event is a nation wide event. Participants of all the language regions are very welcome. Everybody can communicate and edit in its own language.

Please register latest until, September 20, 2019

Thank you!

About the Swiss National Sound Archives

The Swiss National Sounds Archives was created in 1987 as a foundation under private law. In January 2016 the foundation was dissolved and the 'Fonoteca' was integrated with the Federal Office of Culture as "Swiss National Sound Archives Section" of the Swiss National Library.

  • The Swiss National Sound Archives are the official depository of audio recordings in Switzerland, that preserves the sonic heritage of the country. The Swiss National Sound Archives collects and catalogs audio documents, both in music and in spoken word, that have a relationship with the Swiss history and culture. For example: recordings of classical, rock, jazz, and folk music, audio books, tales, theater plays, interviews, research documents (field recordings), or private collections.

  • The mandate is to collect and valorize the Swiss cultural sound heritage such as discographies and the phonographies. Similar to what bibliographies are to books, the discographies include all sound recordings that have been commercially published. The phonographies, on the other hand, gather any kind of sound recordings, whether published or not, including private-, scientific-, as well as research recordings, radio recordings, live recordings, etc.

  • The Swiss National Sound Archives do not only collect but especially restore and digitalize recordings to preserve it over time. The Swiss National Sound Archives has two restoration studios equipped with all the devices necessary for the various types of restoration. There is artistic and technical restoration. Technical restoration means, above all, the reduction or elimination of technical interference (rustle, clicks, pops, etc.) due largely to the wear or degradation of the original audio carrier, but without altering the sound spectrum, maintaining the quality and sound characteristics of the original recording.
  • The The Swiss National Sound Archives presents its collections to the general public in various forms. The Catalog allows to search on the database for any audio carrier, musical piece or recording. Other sources of information are available in Fonds and collection and Phonographies. The Fonoteca offers various services of Consultation, Advice and Technical services. In addition to accessing the documents on the premises of the Fonoteca (Regulations for access / loan), users can avail of a network of external AV-workstations at other institutions.

  • To facilitate the access to the documents, the Fonoteca has created a secure network of audiovisual (AV) workstations, located in other institutions (universities of Music, libraries, archives, etc.). By means of the AV-workstations, the user can listen to all the documents that are already digitized, in the archives of the Fonoteca. The AV-workstations also serve as a portal for accessing documents belonging to SRG SSR and Memoriav.

GLAM on Tour Project & Program

General Project Information:

  • Organization: Debora (WMCH), Ilario (WMCH)
  • Event Date: 25.10.2019 - 27.10.2019
  • Event Location: Swiss National Sound Archives, Via Soldino 9, CH-6900 Lugano
  • Accommodation: For participants living more than 90 min. away from the train station of Lugano: Continental Parkhotel Lugano, Via Basilea, 28, CH-6900 Lugano. The hotel is in walking distance from the main train station and in walking distance to the Fonoteca.
  • Meals: All the meals, mentioned in the program are financed by WMCH (except alcoholic beverages). Please indicate dietary restrictions for the meals when registering.
  • Participation: The participation in the event is free of charge
  • Accommodation & Travel costs: The accommodation costs for all participants is taken over by WMCH. The travel costs for Swiss participants is financed at the rate of the 'Halb-Tax' by WMCH and for participants from Germany, Austria, Italy and France, by their respective Chapter.
  • Limited Nr. of participants: The event is limited to 25 participants in total, and 15 participants in total requesting a hotel room.
  • Language: This event is held mostly in English, depending on the native language of the participants, everybody can communicate & edit in its own language. We can support in the communication during the event, if necessary.
  • Etiquette: We refer to the principles of Wikimedia CH for the respectful interaction during this event.

GLAM on Tour Program:

The GLAM on Tour Program is in development together with the Swiss National Sound Archives and will be published approx. mid of June 2019.

Time Program Activity Responsibility Location Comment
Friday, October 25, 2019
12:00 Arriaval at Hotel
13:00 Arrival at the Swiss National Sound Archives & Welcome / Presentation
14:00 Visit / Tour of the Swiss National Sound Archives
15:30 Thematic Presentation
16:30 Information on Ressources, Workspace, Program & installation Laptops / Editing
19:00 Traditional Ticinese Dinner
Saturday, October 26, 2019
08:30 Breakfast at the Hotel
09:30 tbd
12:30 Lunch
14:00 tbd
16:30 tbd
18:30 tbd
19:00 Dinner
Sunday, October 27, 2019
08:30 Breakfast at the Hotel
09:30 tbd
10:00 tbd
11:30 tbd
13:00 Lunch
14:00 tbd
16:00 End of GLAM on Tour Event, Departure

Accommodation & Travel Information


  • We have organized a hotel, for participants living more than 90 min. away with public transportation, from the train station of Lugano, Switzerland.
  • We have reserved 15 rooms and need to give notice to the hotel until September 20, 2019, how many rooms we need. So we kindly ask you to register and let us know, if you need accommodation, before the deadline.
  • The hotel is located in walking distance to the train station of Lugano and in walking distance (approx. 10 min.) from the Swiss National Sounds Archives.
  • For the guests, the hotel offers free public transport passes in and around Lugano and also to the airport of Milano Malpensa for the whole stay.

Hotel Address:

Travel Information:

Travel information will be published soon.

Registration & List of Participants


  • Registration Deadline: 20. September 2019
  • Please register first with Evenbrite here
  • After registration with Eventbrite, please fill in your information in the list of participants below. Thank you!

List of Participants

Organization Team
Nr. B-Name Chapter Eventbrite Registration Arrival Departure Nr. of nights Thematic focus
Debora WMCH Yes check.svg Done 25.09.2019 27.09.2019 2
List of Participants
Nr. B-Name Chapter Eventbrite Registration Arrival Departure Nr. of nights Thematic Focus

If someone should be temporarily prevented after registration for personal reasons, please leave name registered, but cross out and only delete the sequence number to make space for followers.

Addresses & Contact Information


  • Swiss National Sound Archives, Via Soldino 9, CH-6900 Lugano / +41 58 465 73 44 /
  • Continental Park Hotel, Via Basilea, 28, CH-6900 Lugano / +41 91 966 11 12 /

Contact Information

  • For Cultural Institutions & GLAM on Tour Event in general: / +41 78 811 62 56
  • For GLAM on Tour Event & Community Italian speaking Switzerland: / +41 76 482 13 71
  • For Community German-speaking Switzerland: / +41 78 811 69 22
  • For Community French-speaking Switzerland: / +41 78 811 35 86

Ressources & Ideas

Ressources & Ideas section will be published approx. mid of June 2019.

Additional information on topics will follow

Results Documentation & Feedback

The content of this section will be published after the GLAM on Tour event.

Additional information will follow