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This page is a translated version of the page GLAM and the translation is 33% complete.

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GLAM は、 Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums(ギャラリー・図書館・アーカイブ・ミュージアム いわゆる文化・学術施設)のアクロニムです。GLAMは、検証可能な情報の基盤となります。オリジナルの書籍や原稿は、まさに私達が求めているものです。また、私たちが作成する図表には、典拠となる情報源が必要です。典拠・オリジナルとなるものを見学し、必要な注記情報を得て、まさしく正しい図表を作成できるようになります。

When we make use of the original material we get from our partnering GLAM, we may make changes to the material. This is one of the freedoms that we insist on. However by retaining the original material as well and by referring to it and from it always to the GLAM we provide the provenance needed for our illustrations. When we share material with a GLAM, the annotations are typically quite technical. Some of the material have their own stories. At this time we do not really have a place for them.

See the newsletter This Month in GLAM (about the newsletter/archives/newsroom) for information on current GLAM events and projects.




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