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GLAM Wiki 2023/Program/Flickypedia - alpha showcase, feedback, discussion

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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 1875 Flickypedia - alpha showcase, feedback, discussion
Facilitators/Speakers: George Oates, Alex Chan Time block: Afternoon Beginning: 16:00
Location: 410 Duration: 1 hr

By the time the conference rolls around, we should have an Alpha version of our new Flickypedia tool ready for people to try. We would like to have a workshop to show the group the new release, and to talk more broadly about what people are thinking about the following topics: Flickr2Commons, Using Flickr, Using Wikimedia Commons, Structured Data on Commons, how CC licensing is evolving, and in general some hopes and dreams for the next decade or so.

We hope the session would be quite relaxed and conversational, and we'd prepare an agenda ahead of time.

It will be a good opportunity to do broader outreach too, about the Flickr Foundation, and its very long term goals.

Participants will gain:

  • Awareness of the new Flickypedia tool
  • Improved understanding of CC-licensing requirements for Commons
  • Ideas/awareness of Structured Data on Commons
  • Experience of software development user research
  • Awareness of legal challenges of moving content across platforms
  • Hopefully, a feeling of contribution to a very long term idea
  • Contribution of knowledge/perspective on broader GLAM-related issues/needs

Our presentation is available as Google Slides. Please enjoy!

Experience level: Beginner
Keywords: Tech, platforms & tools, Copyright & public domain
Notes: #GLAMWiki231875