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GLAM Wiki 2023/Program/GLAM around Latin America: case studies from big institutions

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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: M007 GLAM around Latin America: case studies from big institutions
Facilitators/Speakers: Mauricio Genta, Alicia Laszlo, Lilian Viana, Irene Tobón Restrepo Time block: Afternoon Beginning: 14:30
Location: Auditorium Duration: 1 hr

Show this session for a showcase of case studies from big institutions from Latin America.

1. Colaboración entre el Archivo General de la Nación (Argentina) y Wikimedia Argentina

This session will present the first collaboration between the National Archives of Argentina and Wikimedia Argentina, the local chapter. Both institutions have been working for more than a year in the digitization of 21 boxes of photographs from the publisher "Caras y Caretas", the case will show the view of this first work from both sides.

2. GLAM Bibliotecas da USP

It presents the GLAM Wiki USP Libraries, a Brazilian academic libraries project and the different axes of action in this initiative created in 2020: editing articles about researchers on Wikipedia , cataloguing scientific articles on Wikidata, creating metadata to link libraries repositories and catalogues to Wikidata, training student in media and information literacy activities using Wikipedia Project page: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:GLAM/Bibliotecas_da_USP. Participants will know initiatives developed by academic libraries with Wikimedia projects on the axes: information organization and education. We hope to discuss the potential of library activities with Wikimedia projects and help participants to identify possible activities to carry on in their contexts.

3. The Banrepcultural Encyclopedia: A digital encyclopedia of Colombian cultural heritage, born from the collaboration of visitors to the Banco de la República Libraries

The Banrepcultural.org Encyclopedia is a virtual digital publication that seeks to expand knowledge about Colombian cultural heritage on the web to promote the diversity of knowledge about Colombia. We believe that, as individuals and as cultural institutions, we have a responsibility to lead and support initiatives that seek to reduce these gaps in access to knowledge.

Is a free access publication and, although the edition is closed, since its origin, in 1995, a good part of its contents are generated at the request of our readers, which we collect through crowdsourcing campaigns. Although it was born under the name Ayuda de Tareas and was dedicated to general themes, as of 2017 its content has specialized in Colombian cultural heritage. In that year, it was renamed “La Enciclopedia…”, and it was implemented in the MediaWiki manager. With this relaunch, new calls were created for the generation of information through thematic projects such as Colombianas Notables, which was supported by a collective strategy focused on listing the essential names of women relevant to the country's history, and later commissioning their writing. Same with the Rio project and Bicentennial project. It currently has more than 2,000 articles and biographies, born from original research that we have commissioned from specialists, both members of the Bank and external. Some biographies have also been translated into English.

In this new phase we want to integrate La Enciclopedia with the tools and projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia and Wikidata, to boost their discoverability, as well as expand collaborative projects to translate articles into other languages and the indigenous languages of the country. We will start with the commission to create articles on the region of La Giajura and the Wayúu culture, which will be published in Spanish and in the Wayúunaiki language, in collaboration with the Wikipeetia (the wayuunaiki Wikipedia) team.

Experience level: No previous knowledge is necessary
Keywords: Partnership building (GLAM Wiki collaborations, etc.)
Notes: #GLAMWiki23M007