GLAM Wiki 2023/Program/Using Wikidata integration on the Wikimedia projects to enhance GLAM-WIKI content sharing

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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2257 Using Wikidata integration on the Wikimedia projects to enhance GLAM-WIKI content sharing
Facilitators/Speakers: Mike Peel, João Peschanski Time block: Morning Beginning: 9:00
Location: 401 Duration: 45 min
Releasing media content from GLAM on Commons has been really successful and important over many years. However, it's important it doesn't exist there in a vacuum, but instead gets integrated into the rest of the Wikimedia projects so that it is visible and used widely. We highlight the use of Wikidata as an excellent strategy to do this. In particular, the way that content is then automatically reused and visible across many projects, e.g., various language Wikipedia infoboxes and lists (using Listeria), as well as Commons category infoboxes. The same applies also to metadata added directly to Wikidata, which can be used e.g., in references (using Cite Q), dramatically increasing its visibility. We will cover other tools that can be used to manipulate and display media using Wikidata and its query service - both describing them and providing a how-to guide for how to implement them for your projects. We also mention how developers can also integrate with Wikidata within their applications and websites. We invite questions and conversations to identify future opportunities for Wikidata integration.

Participants will gain an understanding of Wikidata and its uses for distributing, querying and visualising GLAM-WIKI content

Experience level: Beginner
Keywords: Capacity building & training, Content uploads & workflows, Tech, platforms & tools
Notes: #GLAMWiki232257
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