GLAM Wiki 2023/Program/Wikisource and Wikidata: when two cool kids play together!

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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2116 Wikisource and Wikidata: when two cool kids play together!
Facilitators/Speakers: Bodhisattwa, West Bengal Wikimedians User Group Time block: Morning Beginning: 9:30
Location: 411 Duration: 30 min

Wikisource and Wikidata co-exist for more than a decade together. In spite of that, there has not been much engagement between the two projects. While the Wikidata community has clearly defined data modelling of books based on FRBR model in its early days and gave ample space for Wikisource to curate their book metadata in this model, Wikisource communities from different languages were slow to catch the train. In this presentation, we will explore such data gaps between the two projects. We will also look out for the best practices some of the Wikisource language communities have adopted to integrate Wikidata into their metadata curation system to display their library contents and what that integration meant to them in their every-day edits. There can be an interactive discussion with the audience to look for suggestions and plans about ways to integrate the two projects more closely in near future.

Participants will learn about the data gaps between Wikidata and Wikisource, the ways to fill them up and results of such integration.

Experience level: Intermediate
Keywords: Content uploads & workflows, Cross-pollination, Linked data
Notes: #GLAMWiki232116