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(français) Ceci est un essai. Il exprime les opinions et les idées de certains contributeurs de Meta-Wiki, mais peut ne pas obtenir le soutien des autres. Il n’est ni une règle ou une recommandation sur Meta-Wiki, mais peut l’être sur d’autres projets Wikimedia. N’hésitez pas à modifier cette page si besoin est, ou à proposer des changements majeurs sur la page de discussion.

Godwin's Law[1] is an internet adage created in 1990 by Mike Godwin, who served as General Counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation between 2007 and 2010. For a list of his contributions to Wikimedia, see his SUL profile on CentralAuth (Meta: contribs, logs; Commons: profile, contribs, logs; English Wikipedia: profile, contribs, logs). It was intentionally created as a response to common logical fallacies invoking Hitler or the Holocaust,[2] and has since spawned a variety of corollaries, derivatives and internet memes. The law in its entirety states:


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