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Expand offering of External links templates for GLAM entities
summaryFor GLAM entities that provide unique identifiers and permanent links to digitized content and catalog records, I would like to expand the existing project collocated under the following category #Category:Museums_external_links_templates to offer these links at other GLAM entities
targetPotential global impact, as GLAM entities are located all over the world in all languages
strategic priorityimprove quality
amount500 USD
this project needs...
created on16:15, 9 March 2015 (UTC)
2014 round 2

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

When creating "Works and publications," it is currently possible to use template abbreviations for ISBN numbers and OCLC / Worldcat permalinks. This allows the end user to quickly find the object, whether they copy the ISBN, click through to OCLC / Worldcat to find the library nearest them that offers the item, or -- in this project's scope -- find digitized content that has a unique identifier and/or permanent link.

What is your solution?[edit]

My solution is to expand what already exists by creating templates for GLAM entities like the one created this weekend for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (see: A comprehensive list of organizations could be made, abbreviations can be established for the template names, and what looks like a pretty simple template build could be implemented. If this process could be automated in some way (which I would need to reach out to a few of the tech Wikipedians I know) that would be idea. It would really increase usability of assets (both Wikipedia and the objects being pointed to themselves). This also might be a great add-in for the Cite refToolbar.

Project goals[edit]

The project goals would be to offer, within the existing Wikipedia entries, hyperlinks to established library and museum collections so that end users can rely upon the resources already collocated within these entries -- but with the ease of use provided by "quick-links" to external organizations. So while I am reading up on my favorite photographer, Imogen Cunniingham, I can explore the Works and publications sections and click through to an Exhibition Catalog that has been digitized at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This functionality already exists for ISBN numbers and OCLC / Worldcat permalinks -- it's expanding upon what already exists to incorporate more digitized resources.

Project plan[edit]


The activities would include compiling current GLAM membership lists -- and possibly reaching out to GLAM members for preferences on naming conventions. Then exploring automation methodology and implementation with the assistance of tech Wikipedians.


Unsure of budget (or if budget is needed) -- it would be great to be able to pay a tech Wikipedian for their expertise and time to explore automation options to create these templates.

Community engagement[edit]

Community engagement would be reaching out to GLAM members for feedback and possible usability testing, depending on the scope of the project. In coordination with the NYC Wikimedia group, it might be a possible subject of a monthly meeting -- like we recently did with a Wikidata teach-in.


The project would be its own resource and entity -- and if incorporated into existing gadgets like the refToolbar Cite option -- new users could access the tool easily and as part of building current citations.

Measures of success[edit]

There are currently 10 templates available at Category:Museums_external_links_templates -- a successful project would incorporate the hundreds of existing GLAM partners in using the external link tool developed in this project.

Get involved[edit]


BrillLyle (myself), unsure of other participants

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