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I am a Wikimedian who started on Portuguese Wikipedia and Wikibooks projects. My area of interest is Mathematics, but many of my contributions are focused on technical aspects of the wikis, such as gadgets, user scripts and templates. I submitted a few patches to the MediaWiki software, and I also reported many bugs and feature requests for MediaWiki and its extensions.

EpochFail (Aaron)[edit]

Hi. I'm Aaron Halfaker. I'm a scientist. I specialize in social technologies (like MediaWiki) and their communities (like English Wikipedia). See my publications. I've been a Wikipedian since 2008. I mostly build tools and run studies, but I make edits where I can. In 2011, I started working with the Wikimedia Foundation as a researcher. User:EpochFail is my volunteer account and User:Halfak (WMF) is my staff account.

とある白い猫 - To Aru Shiroi Neko[edit]

I have been with the Wikimedia Community since 2005 and have contributed to many wikis with different degree with my main focus on en.wikipedia, tr.wikipedia, and commons. I created the original IRC bots used for counter-vandalism back in 2005 and have long since passed the torch to other developers. Since early 2011, I have been tinkering with various wikipedia datasets and Artificial Intelligence. With an engineering background, I specialize in artificial intelligence, more specifically machine learning.

Jonas AGX[edit]

Oi! I'm Jonas Xavier. I create software for fun and as a living. My activities in the Wikiverse are related to the Portuguese Wikipedia, WikiBooks and Wikimedia Brasil (an wiki user group I've created with other volunteers). In 2013 I was part of Brazil Catalyst Program/Project as a contracted analyst, when I proposed and created an interactive WikiTimeline mixing data and events (somehow) gracefully. User:Jonas AGX is my account on Wiki, jonas_agx is how I call myself on IRC channels. With a computer science background my main interests are statistics, image processing, philosophy and literature.


I'm a volunteer in Portuguese Wikipedia since 2009, I contribute mainly in technical things like bots, tools in Tool Labs and researches.


Recent graduate of Berkeley's Logic group (GLMS) with a budding interest in machine learning, natural language processing, ontology languages, and description logics. Attempting to convert abilities from a background in formal semantics, mathematical logic, and judgement aggregation theory. Delighted to be on board.