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Grants:IEG/Senior Citizens Write in Sanskrit Wikipedia/Timeline

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Timeline for Senior Citizens Write in Sanskrit Wikipedia

Timeline Date
Yesterday (14/12/2015) I met some scholars and convince them to edit sa.wikipedia. Some of them open account also. They were surprise to know sa.wikipedia. They were aware with only en and hi wikipedia. Even they didn't aware about gu.wikipedia. That meeting was very positive for start. 14/12/2015
We got 32 people who are ready to edit sa.wikipedia. In February I will meet them all and involve them in this project. Approx 25 to 32 people will edit in this project. So almost we done searching work of scholars. 12-2-2016
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1 December


I took part in Somnath Sanskrit University's program to attract more and more scholars. On 24-25/12/2015 I gave a presentation in there program regarding Sanskrit Wikipedia. With me there were 4 volunteers. They are Udit, Ramkrishna, Yograj, Prakash. We all done a fare also. In that we made a stole of Sanskrit Wikipedia. In that stole we putted 25 poster of different articles of sa.wikipedia.org. Like. स्वच्छभारताभियानम्, पृथ्वीराज चौहान, विराट कोहली etc... (I know this posters are not in our budget. But this we done with help of Samskrit Bharati Gujarat. They helped us financially and morally).

In that program we get some old Scholars of SSSU (Shree Somnath Sanskrit University). We took their contact numbers and Address for met up regarding project. In December I got 6 participant. They are ready to contribute in sa.wikipedia.

2 January

  1. On 6th January Udit arranged a meet up at Gandhinagar. Those scholars were from Somnath Sanskrit Uni. He explained why sa.wikipedia is important for Sanskrit Language. Some of them were agree to edit in sa.wikipedia.
  2. On 7-9/02/2016 I attended an International Seminar which organized by SSSU. In that program uni gave me an opportunity to meet their scholars. Those tree days were very positive for me. Many senior people gave their contacts. They invited me for this project and sa.wikipedia work. I think this was the last stock from our side. Because that was a big program. So I and other volunteers continuously talked to different person and told them about editing. At the start I wanted to do workshop in last week of February, but after this program I postpone it in last week of March.
    Long back, Uni had gave me list of scholars, who were invited in this seminar. So Before seminar I called them and told about sa.wikipedia. Some of them told me to create account. Before we meet at SSSU, most of them were prepared for sa.wikipedia. One or two person were observing sa.wikipedia as they told me. Now I can say that in this project 25 to 32 person will edit. Some of them stated editing but they are not aware about wikipedia. As per my instruction they are typing in word and after that they are pasting into Sandbox. Next month I will take workshop and teach them how they can work in sa.wikipedia.

3 February

I took workshop at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
With Samskrit Bharati Volunteers and Wikipedians.

When I went to Somnath a scholar was there from Kanpur. She told me that her College needs sa.wikipedia out reach program. So on 26/2 I went Kanpur and took a workshop on sa.wikpedia edit and contribution.

4 March


From December I and other wikipedian were trying to contact with Sanskrit Scholars. In March we divided in two groups. One took responsibly to invite scholars and guide them to travel. Second group collected some writing materiel for scholars and arrangement of Training program. Meanwhile I went to Jaipur and took a out reach program for sa.wikipedia. A deemed university called Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan is government institute. There I took sa.wikipedia out reach. When I was contacting scholars, a scholar who was form Jaipur, he invite me for sa.wikipedia workshop.

5 April


6 May


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