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From AfC to DYK
What portion of articles that pass AFC eventually are nominated for DYK?
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created on08:21, 25 July 2018 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What Wikimedia project(s) and specific areas will you be evaluating?[edit]

Is this project measuring a specific space on a project (e.g. deletion discussions), or the project as a whole?
English Wikipedia, specifically the Did You Know section and Articles for Creation

Describe your idea. How might it be implemented?[edit]

Provide details about the method or process of how you will evaluate your community or collect data. Does your idea involve private or personally identifying information? Take a look at the Privacy Policy for Wikimedia’s guidelines in this area.
From the set of drafts that have passed AfC or a sufficiently large random sample thereof, check to see if seven days after publication they could have qualified for DYK. This, hopefully, will be straightforward: AfC articles are tagged as such on their talk pages, passing AfC usually means passing DYK requirement #4, and perhaps a tool/bot/script similar to the existing DYK check tool can be used to evaluate DYK req #2. For the sake of simplicity, we may decide it safe to assume DYK req #5 was satisfied and infer DYK req #3 from presence of inline citations. From the pool of articles that could have, count how many got nominated (that is, how many have the relevant tag on their talk pages).

Are there experienced Wikimedians who can help implement this project?[edit]

If applicable, please list groups or usernames of individuals who you can work with on this project, and what kind of work they will do.

How will you know if this project is successful? What are some outcomes that you can share after the project is completed?[edit]

If this project is successful, we will have a number that answers the question. In addition to knowing how many drafts that pass AfC eventually reach DYK level, we will also know how many of those DYK-level articles do get nominated. A supplementary metric of success is whether this spawns more questions about DYK-qualifying articles and further research.

How would your measurement idea help your community make better decisions?[edit]

After you are finished measuring or evaluating your Wikimedia project, how do you expect that information to be used to benefit the project?
The aims of DYK align closely with the aims of this campaign: "encourage" encourages collaboration, that and "acknowledge" address editor retention, and arguably, all five have to do with high quality content creation. DYK, then, has the potential to increase our community health, especially considering it is designed to have a relatively low barrier to entry. Thus, if we are already nominating DYK to its maximum potential, it makes no sense to invest more resources in it. On the other hand, if the data (and hopefully, subsequent broader or related measurements) find that we can still make better use, we should! Since this particular idea involves AfC, perhaps adding a link to DYK to AfC acceptance notices, cooperation between DYK and AfC volunteers if people working in DYK and AfC don't have much overlap.

Do you think you can implement this idea? What support do you need?[edit]

Do you need people with specific skills to complete this idea? Are there any financial needs for this project? If you can’t implement this project, can you scale down your project so it is doable?
I don't have much expertise in research, so someone with experience in that to check scope as well as presentation of results would be helpful. Modifying DYK check, checking for inline citations, and building a bot/script also requires technical knowledge beyond what I can do.

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