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In memoria and commemorations
We would need more resources to help us freely use and share images of (under Wikipedia's definition) notable people, including recently deceased ones, to benefit the Wikimedia Foundation.
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George Ho
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created on22:23, 20 February 2017 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

Images of recently deceased notable people have been contested and debated due to copyright laws, especially in English Wikipedia. Our current methods have been contacting those possessing the photos of notable people, contesting a non-free image that was uploaded at the time of notable people's respective deaths, relying on Flickr to find free images, etc. However, photographers who were contacted usually do not respond to our emails. Also, death is a very highly sensitive issue, and contacting loved ones at the time of their mourning would be highly inappropriate. Also, an appropriate time to contact the loved ones is subjective.

Due to copyright laws, the community of English Wikipedia have discussed limiting the usage of such non-free images but could not provide criteria. The current method has been case-by-case basis. Sometimes the results of discussions have been "no consensus" to delete, and sometimes a result has been "deleted".

What is your solution?[edit]

The Foundation may want more images of people, including those who passed away recently. A project is needed to obtain permissions to freely use, share, commercialize, and derive such photos. Experts who know how to handle loved ones mourning people's deaths may be needed. Also, more photographers are needed to contribute to the Foundation, so we can share their photos of people who were living before they passed away. Contacting loved ones is very tough, and we need Wikipedians and Wikimedians to be trained to communicate with them properly and appropriately.

Organizers are needed. So are other people.

Project goals[edit]

  • More images of notable people are needed, living and deceased
  • This project may or may not apply to non-notable people. That can be later debated. No prejudice to make another project for that idea, though I would not encourage it especially due to privacy concerns and concerns about conflicts of interests.
  • If more photos can be obtained, we can reduce chance of discussions about non-free images of deceased persons. Also, non-free images may be replaceable without further debate unless methods to obtain permissions to use the photos are proven unsuccessful.

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