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About Inspire Campaigns

What is an Inspire campaign? Why are you running them?

Part of IdeaLab, Inspire Campaigns are month-long events where we encourage ideas along a specific theme relevant to Wikimedia projects. The goal is to promote and elevate ideas that have been developed by participants that address that theme, and turn them into action. One way of doing so is through the use of the grant programs that the Wikimedia Foundation offers. These defined ideas can also be brought back to local projects for discussion, improvement, and consensus-building, and implementation. In general, IdeaLab and these campaigns are a good opportunity for others to gauge your ideas, for you to express your interests and concerns in others' ideas, build teams, and to revise ideas as needed.

Can ideas be directly implemented through discussion on the idea page?

It depends on the idea. Ideas cannot be directly implemented if it proposes a change in a Wikimedia project's policies or guidelines, or if there is a need for funding. To implement an idea, it usually must be brought to an appropriate place on your local Wikimedia project community, such as the Village Pump on English Wikipedia or the Café on Spanish Wikipedia.

Will grant proposals related to this Inspire campaign receive preference during review?

No. Ideas created through the Inspire Campaign will be submitted through the same grant channels as all other proposals. They will be reviewed using the same criteria as proposals not associated with this Inspire campaign.