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Legal name of organization or individual requesting this grant
Associació Amical Viquipèdia
For organizations: Are you a for-profit entity? No
For organizations: If non-profit (US) or equivalent (outside the US) status is available in your country, do you have or are you pursuing such status (please be specific):
  • We have granted VAT exemption
  • We are recognized as an entity promoting Catalan language which entitles donors to deduct 15% from income tax.
  • This year we will apply to be recognized as a public interest association which entitles for an additional 25% tax deduction.
For individual applicants: Please note that if your request is accepted you will be required to provide documentation verifying your full legal name and address.
Grant contact name
Joan Gomà
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
Project lead name
Àlex Hinojo
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
GLAM director
Full project name
GLAM and Outreach
Amount requested in USD or local currency (USD will be assumed if no other currency is specified)
33,633.50 €
Provisional target start date
Provisional completion date

Budget breakdown

Project Goal Calendar Trips Tripcost Perdiems Pdcost Rent Space Print Promo Scholarships Incidentals Total
Museum Partnerships Improve the presence of a dozen of Catalan Museums into Wikimedia projects (Commons, Wikipedia, Wikisource)[1] JUN'12-JUN'13 400 trips [2] 736 [3] 200 [4] 8.000 1.000 500 0 0 300 10.836 €
OpenData 48h weekend Organizing a Hackathon to reuse OpenData Program of Catalan Government into Wikimedia Projects[5] OCT'12 50 100[3][6] 3 900 €[7] 1.000 500 500 0 100 3.200 €
Amical + University Teaching University students how to edit Wikipedia and organizing scolarships with Museums and Universities.[8] OCT'12-MAR'13 225 1.800[9] 15 600 500 500 0 2.500 300 6.500 €
Wikipedia Workshops and Conferences Organizing several Wikipedia Workshops and Conferences JUN-DEC'12 40[3] 80 20 800 1.000 250 150 0 100 2.480 €
Libraries of Catalonia[10] Implementing a full project to develope and improve the presence of Wikipedia in the Catalan Network of Libraries SEP'12-MAY'13 100 393,5 50 2.000 0 0 300 0 100 2.893,50 €
Wikischools[11] MAY'12- JUN'13 30 1.500[12] 0 0 0 0 1.500 1.000 300 4.600 €
Elder People Wikipedia Workshops for groups of Elder People SEP-DEC'12 40 1.574[13] 20 800 0 250 300 0 100 3.124 €
TOTAL 33.633,50 €


  1. This project si also co-funded by some of the cultural institutions, and the goal is to make it self-sustainable
  2. 40 weeks x 10 trips/week
  3. a b c Trips done in the Metropolitan area of Barcelona w/ public transports. 10 tickets train bonus is 18,4 €
  4. 40 weeks x 5 meals/week
  5. This project will be co-funded by the Catalan Government
  6. 50 trips x 2€ train ticket
  7. 3 DAYS x 300 € (buffet with coffe and sandwiches)
  8. This project will be co-funded by an agreement with the Research Department of the University of Barcelona.
  9. 8€/trip is average fair ticket price out the metropolitan Barcelona area
  10. We are negotiating an agreement with the Librarian of Catalonia in order to fund a physical wiki-point in several libraries around Catalonia. Our part is to implement this Wikipoint teaching the local librarians to edit Wikipedia, so they can act as our local voices, extending our network.
  11. This project is co-funded by the Educational deparment of the Catalan Government
  12. Gegrafically dispersed all around the country.
  13. Gegrafically dispersed all around the country.

Project goal


The main goal of the project is to attract more editors with a systematic plan that address several population profiles and institutions.

The idea is to penetrate in the society by making common using and participating in editing Wikipedia in schools, universities, and among several collectives of people and institutions.

Project scope and list of activities


The project is divided into two branches, one addressed to the people and the other to institutions.

As for the people, will be developed 4 working lines depending on the profile of each group: Students of secondary and high school. University students. Elderly and members of cultural associations. And members of the movement of free software and free knowledge.

As far as institutions develop 3 lines. Museums. Archives. And Libraries.



Students of secondary and high school


In this line Amical has already made a series of pilot projects back in 2010 (in the Balearic Islands) and 2011 (Rest of Catalan-speaking areas). The initiative is a wiki separated from Wikipedia where there is integrated a moodle course and is addressed to the students through their teachers. The teachers do a course where they learn editing Wikipedia and the benefits of the educational uses of Wikipedia. The examination for the teachers is to do their students participate in a contest where they write articles on this parallel wiki. The articles that meet the required quality are moved to Wikipedia.

Amical has achieved the recognition of the Catalan Government so that the title Amical issued to teachers is officially recognized by the government for purposes of professional career. This title can also be accepted by Balearic and Valencian governments.

In this edition we have enrolled 16 teachers from 15 schools with a total of 300 students.

Funding for this project will provide prizes for the contest of students, the material guide "Welcome to Wikipedia", shirts for students, the costs of a person who manages all activity, and travel expenses to visit the schools and the winners to attend the awards ceremony. Training courses for teachers and review articles is done by volunteers but the project management and coordination is supported by a part-time professional.

The final plan consists of tree elements. First to obtain around 300 new articles moved to the Catalan Wikipedia, secondly about 300 students will come into contact with editing Wikipedia, approximately between 1% and 2% is expected to become regular editors on short term but we have no data to estimate the long-term impact. Thirdly, 16 teachers will have earned the title which qualifies them to introduce their students to the contest for the next year and continue participating in the initiative.

University students


The focus of this project are universities offering lecturers support for the development of an exercise of its subject to write or improve articles on Wikipedia. There are two models in one model the exercise is mandatory end in the other model the exercise is voluntary and serves to improve the grade of the course. At the end there is a competition where prizes are honorary diplomas to the best contributions from all universities.

Amical already has an agreement with an association of university professors of manufacturing technologies to disseminate among its members to appoint to this initiative and to participate in the jury to award the prizes.

In the model of volunteer work where there is a higher rate of students who end up as regular editors of Wikipedia but there is also a very high rate of abandonment and there must be a constant monitoring and mentoring of the activity. Amical also organize a workshop for each course where students are taught to edit on Wikipedia.

Funding for this project will be used to finance printing the guide "Welcome to Wikipedia" which is distributed at the workshops, to pay travel expenses and subsistence of monitors that make editing workshops, members of the jury must meet to award the prizes and the winners to attend the awards ceremony. Also paid the expenses for the venue where the ceremony of awards and a scholarship for 5 months to do the tasks of monitoring and support of students, organisation of workshops, organization of jury and awards ceremony.

The expected end result is the participation of 14 teachers from 6 different universities with about 600 students of which about 200 actually end up contributing to the writing and improving articles on Wikipedia.

Elderly people & Editing workshops


Amical has an agreement with the welfare department of the Catalan Government. This agreement allows us to organize workshops on editing Wikipedia among the network of elderly people clubs.

The funding is used to print “welcome to wikipedia” leaflets and to pay travel expenses and allowances of monitors.

There are also workshops open to members of cultural associations and public in general.

The result is expected to organize about 15 workshops each consisting of 3 sessions of 2 hours and where about 100 people attend. Based on the results of previous years and the changes in methodology we expect that between 3 and 7 of attendants will become very active Wikipedians of Wikipedia in Catalan.

Members of the free software movement


One outcome of the Digital Commons Barcelona in November 2011 was the proposal to create an alliance of Catalan entities of free software and free knowledge.

This proposal has matured and the promoters have decided to organize activities that generate tangible results to encourage members of the communities to participate.

Amical has also reached an agreement with the department of the Catalan Government to release data from different sources.

In this activity we will organize a join 48 hours hackathon for the re-use of digital content. Members of different communities will present several ideas and develop their projects.

It foresees the development of 10,000 articles on Catalan Wikipedia taking the information content released by the government as well as other results difficult to predict because the activity is open to creativity and innovation.

Additionally this activity will strengthen the links between the different free knowledge and software communities to continue building the alliance.





Amical already has more than 2 years experience working in contact with several museums in Catalonia, with several renowned projects, among which those done with the Picasso Museum and the Joan Miró Foundation.

Along 2012 other museums like Barcelona Design Hub, MACBA or the CCCB have contacted us and they are wiling to free as much content as their legal department allows them, including all text from their website and some pictures.

Among other projects this activity include:

  • Creating articles of the most relevant Catalan visual artists, in collaboration with the Documentation Center of the MACBA and students from the University of Barcelona.
  • Organize training courses on Creative Commons and wikipedia for the museum professionals
  • Organize a Wikiproject on Parallel Avenue, the "Barcelona Broadway" where will participate several cultural institutions and associations.
  • Put in value the Catalan design on the network
  • To establish a firm medium-term relationship between the National Museum and Amical in order to value and internationalize the history of Catalan art, his most prominent masterpieces and artists.

Currently projects are under way with over 20 Catalan museums.



This activity aims to increase the presence of Wikipedia in Catalan libraries. Amical is reaching an agreement with the library service of the Government of Catalonia to guarantee that the book "Viquipèdia. Descobrir, utilitzar, contribuir" be present in all the Catalan public libraries. Also to organize periodic Wikipedia workshops in the libraries around the country and do a study to see if there is a possibility that some of the works digitized by the libraries could become part of the project, Wikisource.



We will launch a worldwide Wikiproject around Joan Brossa's archive +info deposited at MACBA, with more than 50,000 documents, through an international competition for improving and adding content. We want to make a project based on contacting with the network of archives of Catalonia, promoting and disseminating Wikipedia and developing a more extended project on archives than the one made along 2011, where students of archivists from the university of Catalonia created articles for each archive of Catalonia. In 2012, we will open this project to the community and start scanning data.

Non-financial requirements



Fit to strategy

  • The project is addressed primarily to increase participation from seeking new editors systematically in several possible quarry.
  • In addition the activity linked to the university will contribute to increase quality of articles.
  • Activities channeled through museums, libraries and universities will improve the image of Wikipedia associating the name of our project with those of this prestigious institutions. This will impact in reach.
  • Various studies show that over 70% of cultural workers are women, so if we improve the number of editors from this sector, we can improve our ratio of women editors, fulfilling a Foundation objective plan 2010 -2015.
  • Improving the quality of content and presence of cultural institutions from Catalan, thanks to its collaboration and re-licensing of content with Creative Commons.

Furthermore of fitting to global wikimedia strategy this working plan is in line with the Catalan Wikipedia Strategy plan 2011 - 2013 that was widely discussed in Catalan Wikipedia where Amical contributes developing offline activities also detailed along discussions in Amical mailing lists.

Other benefits


The subproject in collaboration with other organizations around free knowledge and free software is going to shape the future of this alliance that can provide many synergies.

Each subproject has its specific result but the program as a whole provides a coherent plan. On one hand this plan present to Wikipedia editors the image of Amical as an entity that will work systematically for the benefit of projects. On the other hand the set has a magnitude that reinforces the attraction of interest of the media for the particular programs.

Measures of success

  1. Number of new editors. Short term: New editors during the courses and workshops. Long term: Number of those editors who continue editing one month after the event.
  2. Number of content donations and GLAMWIKI projects done with cultural institutions.
  3. Raise of the Women editing ratio. Proportion of women among new editors in measure number one.
  4. Number of agreements with Cultural institutions

Team members (optional)


We have created a team in charge for the success of each project or set of projects. Apart of the members of each team they will be supported in specific tasks by other members and supporters of Amical.





Elder people open workshops and hackathon day


Museums, Libraries and Archives

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