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<translate> The Wikimedia Foundation has recently launched two new grant programs:</translate>


[[<tvar|rapid>Special:MyLanguage/Grants:Project/Rapid</>|Rapid Grants]] provide quick support throughout the year for projects up to USD 2000.</translate>


[[<tvar|project>Special:MyLanguage/Grants:Project</>|Project Grants]] are awarded quarterly for all types of offline and online projects.</translate>

<translate> Please note these new programs replace [[<tvar|ieg>Special:MyLanguage/Grants:IEG</>|Individual Engagement Grants (IEG)]] and [[<tvar|peg>Special:MyLanguage/Grants:PEG</>|Project & Event Grants (PEG)]]. IEG and PEG are no longer accepting applications.</translate>

Project and Event Grants Program Pages

This page provides links to all pages associated with the Project and Event Grant Program (PEG) grants process.

Grant planning[edit]


Creating a proposal[edit]

  • Strategic priorities: The list of strategic priorities Project and Event Grants aim to impact. Focus your grant proposal on one of these priorities.
  • IdeaLab: A place for people to share ideas to improve Wikimedia projects and collaboratively develop ideas into plans and grant proposals.
  • Stages of a grant: Reviews the major stages of the grant process.
  • Proposal guidelines: Tips and guidelines for writing a great grant proposal.
  • PEG grant samples: All current and past grants in the PEG program - a good resource for creating your new grant.

Creating a budget[edit]

Program resources[edit]

Grant submission and review[edit]

  • Submit request: How to submit a grant request, guidelines for submission, and to submit your grant request.
  • Submission review: The PEG submission review process, including expectations, timelines, and an explanation of the different stages of review.
  • Grant Advisory Committee (GAC): An overview of the GAC, their role in the grant review process, and current and past members.
  • Grant requests: All open, draft, funded, and not funded grant requests.

Grant implementation[edit]

Grant reporting[edit]

All grants: See Grants Table for the current status of all grants by fiscal year.

Key templates: See Template:WMF_Grants_Program_templates for template documentation.