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The Wikimedia Foundation has recently launched two new grant programs:

Rapid Grants provide quick support throughout the year for projects up to USD 2000.
Project Grants are awarded twice a year for all types of offline and online projects.

Please note these new programs replace Individual Engagement Grants (IEG) and Project & Event Grants (PEG). IEG and PEG are no longer accepting applications.

Project and Event Grants Program Pages

This page provides links to all pages associated with the Project and Event Grant Program (PEG) grants process.

Grant planning[edit]


Creating a proposal[edit]

  • Strategic priorities: The list of strategic priorities Project and Event Grants aim to impact. Focus your grant proposal on one of these priorities.
  • IdeaLab: A place for people to share ideas to improve Wikimedia projects and collaboratively develop ideas into plans and grant proposals.
  • Stages of a grant: Reviews the major stages of the grant process.
  • Proposal guidelines: Tips and guidelines for writing a great grant proposal.
  • PEG grant samples: All current and past grants in the PEG program - a good resource for creating your new grant.

Creating a budget[edit]

Program resources[edit]

Grant submission and review[edit]

  • Submit request: How to submit a grant request, guidelines for submission, and to submit your grant request.
  • Submission review: The PEG submission review process, including expectations, timelines, and an explanation of the different stages of review.
  • Grant Advisory Committee (GAC): An overview of the GAC, their role in the grant review process, and current and past members.
  • Grant requests: All open, draft, funded, and not funded grant requests.

Grant implementation[edit]

Grant reporting[edit]

All grants: See Grants Table for the current status of all grants by fiscal year.

Key templates: See Template:WMF_Grants_Program_templates for template documentation.