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Report accepted
This report for a Project and Event grant approved in FY Pending has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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Project status[edit]

Did you comply with the requirements specified by WMF in the grant agreement?
Is your project completed?

Activities and lessons learned[edit]


  • I created the German version of Print Wikipedia at Import Projects in Berlin.
  • We held three public events, including one specific event for WMDE.
  • I worked closely with WMDE on press and community outreach
    • This relationship will help facilitate our work with Art+Feminism

Lessons learned[edit]

What worked well?
The project was very very well received by the German Wikipedia community and by the press. It made it clear that this project is cross-culturally legible, and that we will continue to be able to bring Wikipedians together around the work, and to place articles in the newspapers of record for each cultural/language region.
What didn't work?
I had a lot of difficulty printing the wallpaper on site, in another country. I was advised it would not be a problem, but it was. I ran into language, cultural, and technical challenges, that resulted in delaying the installation and requiring me to use a different type of wallpaper than I knew how to install. As such, we had to bring in a wallpaper consultant to teach us how to use that kind of wallpaper.
What would you do differently if you planned a similar project?
Based on this experience, going forward my fabrication approach will be for installation sites to take exact measurements for me to fabricate the wallpaper in NYC, and then ship it to the exhibition venue. I successfully used this approach with the recently completed installation of the EN version in Montreal, and will take this approach with the NL version I will be making in November 2016 at the Upgrade_6 Biennial in Ghent, Belgium.

Learning patterns[edit]

I added a section on organizing an event in a country other than the one you live in to this learning pattern on organizing an international conference


Outcomes and impact[edit]


Provide the original project goal here.
"I am applying for funding to execute an exhibition of the German version of Print Wikipedia at Import Projects, a non-profit art gallery in Berlin. [...] During the upload period we will have three public events to discuss the work. For more on Print Wikipedia, please see the short video below."
Did you achieve your project goal? How do you know your goal was achieved? Please answer in 1 - 2 short paragraphs.
I created the German version o Print Wikipedia at Import Projects in Berlin. We held three public events, including one specific event for WMDE. Community outreach was successful: about 200 people came to the events. Press outreach was also very successful, with roughly 40 articles, including three very high impact stories in the national papers of record.

Progress towards targets and goals[edit]

Project metrics

Project metrics Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
At least 150 people will attend all events combined Approx 200 participants at all events
At least 10 high impact media outlets will cover the story over 40 articles in the German press. This includes three exceptional stories in the newspapers of record: Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Taz, and a story and photographs by Deutsche Presse Agentur that was nationally syndicated. See this spreadsheet for a list of print outlets, the extensive radio coverage is much harder to track (I gave two radio interviews, and one of the hosts told me may stations had covered it.)
I successfully upload the full set of the German version of Print Wikipedia We uploaded all 3406 volumes, and installed the wallpaper and the ~100 printed volumes

Global Metrics[edit]

We are trying to understand the overall outcomes of the work being funded across our grantees. In addition to the measures of success for your specific program (in above section), please use the table below to let us know how your project contributed to the Global Metrics. We know that not all projects will have results for each type of metric, so feel free to put "0" where necessary.

  1. Next to each required metric, list the actual outcome achieved through this project.
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Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved N/A We did not engage in on wiki activities, so I do not have usernames to determine their activity status.
2. # of new editors 0 The purpose of this project was not to recruit new editors, but to engage people in a community building, non-editing role.
3. # of individuals involved approx 200 Total count of those attending all three events.
4a. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 0 The purpose of this project was not to contribute to Wikimedia projects directly, but to engage people in a community building, non-editing role.
4b. # of new images/media uploaded to Wikimedia Commons (Optional) 0 The purpose of this project was not to contribute to Wikimedia projects directly, but to engage people in a community building, non-editing role.
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 0 The purpose of this project was not to contribute to Wikimedia projects directly, but to engage people in a community building, non-editing role.
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects 0 The purpose of this project was not to contribute to Wikimedia projects directly, but to engage people in a community building, non-editing role.
Learning question
Did your work increase the motivation of contributors, and how do you know?
While there are many stories I could tell, I will point out two attendees: Christoph Kepper the CTO of (as well as both the CEO, and founder) and de:Benutzer:Conny. Both Christoph and Conny have been involved in efforts to assess the size of and/or print Wikipedia: Christoph was heavily involved in PediaPress's effort, and Conny has maintained a estimation and production effort for DE wiki. Both were very happy to see it realized for real, as it validated their own commitments to Wikipedia.
Alternatively, I note that I was recently nominated by the DE community for their WikiEule award, one of the few nominees outside the German speaking countries. I see this as a way of recognizing the meaningfulness of the project to the DE community.


What impact did this project have on WMF's mission and the strategic priorities?

Option A: How did you increase participation in one or more Wikimedia projects?

  • As described just above, these points of contact and enrichment necessarily help with editor retention.

Option C: How did you increase the reach (readership) of one or more Wikimedia projects?

  • By creating a highly visible representation of the scope and scale of the German Wikipedia, and communicating this work widely through the press and through community outreach, I was able to increase the reach of the German Wikipedia. The 40 press articles reached several million readers, many of whom came to the exhibition in person (often bringing tween-age children fascinated by the project.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures[edit]

This section describes the grant's use of funds


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Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Actual cost per unit Actual total Budgeted total Currency Notes
Wallpaper Fabrication $2451.16 $2,233.78 USD 2150.14 Euros, converted at 1.14 rate. This includes Fabrication cost, and application instruction; as per above I had to change plans, and used non-adhesive paper. And additional $120 in tools, glue, and other equipment was covered by Michael Mandiberg directly
Event costs $920.79 $1,000 USD 456.83 Euros, converted at 1.14 rate, plus $400
Book Fabrication Costs $946.36 $875 USD 456.83 Euros, converted at 1.14 rate, plus $400
Labor: onsite (Berlin) production $1500 $1500 USD 25 hours at $60/hr
TOTALS - - - - - $5818.31 $5,608 - -
Total project budget (from your approved grant submission)
Total amount requested from WMF (from your approved grant submission, this total will be the same as the total project budget if PEG is your only funding source)
Total amount spent on this project
$78,627.08 -- total for the project
$5818.31 -- total amount for PEG eligible items
Total amount of Project and Event grant funds spent on this project
Are there additional sources that funded any part of this project? List them here.
  • WMF TPS program
  • Banff Centre
  • Eyebeam
  • CUNY
  • Denny Gallery
  • Import Projects
  • Arizona State University
  • self-funding

Remaining funds[edit]

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No funds remaining