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WM BE/Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016
Organising Wiki Loves Art in Belgium in 2016. In cooperation with institutions, participants can visit museums and other cultural institutions to make photos of parts of the collections.
targetDutch Wikipedia, French Wikipedia, German Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons
strategic priorityIncrease participation
start date15 August
start year2015
end date15 August
end year2016
budget (local currency)20,198 EUR
budget (USD)22,156.20 USD
grant typeOrganization
non-profit statusYes
contact(s)• Romaine• DerekvG
organization• Wikimedia Belgium
created on14:13, 21 January 2015 (UTC)


The goal of this project is to organise for the first time "Wiki Loves Art" in Belgium.

Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 is a photo project in which photographers and volunteers from Wikipedia visit museums, archives, galleries and libraries to take photos of pieces of art designated by the institutions.

Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 primarily aims at the generation of image content for the Wikimedia projects, specifically images of artworks not yet available for the wiki community (the GLAM objective). To realize that it enables and builds a network of contacts with cultural institutions and other heritage organisations, and proposes to enhance the digital presence of these organisations collections on the internet by increasing the available photo materials form the collections of works of art under a free license.

The Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 project has a component of Education projects to recruit content producing volunteers and provide an opportunity for contributing volunteers ( both existing and new ) to meet, collect, and add content to Wiki(-pedia, Commons or other projects). Although it's essentially a photo contest the project doesn't address solely people who are interested in photography, but also wiki article editors. Moreover their participation in Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 gives participants an opportunity and an incentive to visit museums, libraries and their collections of art work, artefacts and historic or artistic objects. It allows and incites the participants to upload photographs and create or improve the articles about the artefacts and the participating GLAM organisations on Wikipedia.

This initiative also has a sideproject to set up a pilot for a roadshow of educational workshops in the period until June 2016. This roadshow side project should become an independent ongoing project (named Wikiducation Belgium) and the backbone of future local public facing projects in Belgium, reflected in the future WMBE operations, budget and grant requests.

This project enables the photo-contest and deals with organisational matters with the participating GLAM organisations and sponsors. It provides the framework for a currently underdetermined number of planned wiki evangelisation workshops (sideproject), that recruit contributors (editors and photographers) for the wiki projects in general and as participants of the Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 contest.

For the newly established chapter Wikimedia Belgium, Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 will help to recruit expand the number of active volunteers, and wiki contributors and provide valuable experience in organising and cooperating with external partners.

It is easy for organisations to participate in Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016, and it is a practical and easy way to work together with Wikipedia. It creates more attention for the participating organisation and the collection becomes more relevant for the public. With each image the institution is credited as the source and the image links back to the website of the institution. The institution determines themselves which pieces from their collection take part, and participants are only allowed to take photos of these selected pieces and upload them.

After the upload period, a jury will judge all the participating photos and select the ten best photos. The uploaders of these photos will receive a prize.

  • Guarantees about copyright, publication on commons : Our GLAM's are working with our partners PACKED vzw and FARO vzw. they have been briefed about this subject however during the coming months we will have presentation about the copyright issues and about the WLA.BE-cooperation agreement the will have to sing. This will state clearly which work of art/artefacts are earmarked for the contest, that all pictures taken are CC BY-SA and can/will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons under the applicable policy, they will sign a copy of the permission statement on commons and they will be notified of their signature in the cooperation agreement. In order to make sure they will receive a proofcopy of the pictures relevant to their museum and they will have a protest period for individual images. If they protest about a picture the picture will be taken off-line.

Afterwards volunteers from Wikipedia will add the photos to relevant articles, and more information about the pieces will be added to the file pages as documentation, including the author, date of creation, description of the piece, and more meta data.



  • January-July 2015: preparations project: team, budget, grant proposal
  • August-September 2015: preparations project: website, flyers
  • September 2015-March 2016: wiki workshops (introduction to the movement, editing wiki articles, illustrating wiki, (making) photographs and license issues)
  • September 2015-March 2016: contact in collaboration with our partners with cultural institutions and GLAM organisations, set-up of regional meetings with GLAM-organisations to inform them about the project, visits to individual participating GLAM organisations to contract their participation work out the practicalities of their participation.
  • April 2016: photo contest: participants visit museums and other organisations to take photos and upload these under a free license
  • May-July 2016: judging and prize ceremony

Meetings for multiple museums are scheduled in September-December 2015, and January-March 2016 and will be spread over the country to have all regions covered. Additional group meetings with cultural institutions are still to be determined and depend on requests of interested organisations. We aim to organise about 6 meetings open for multiple museums and to organise these meetings in sponsored conference rooms and meeting spaces in various museums/institutions that are interested in participating in Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016. If necessary we can also use one of the large meeting spaces of one of our partners in Brussels.

In this first organisation - and due to the limited resources currently available to WMBE we intend to organise "Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016" with a limited number of partners and participating GLAM organisations. That will make it a useful learning experience. Partners FARO and PACKED have a number of GLAM organisations already interested. We will limit this first project to those organisations, making this a first and valuable experience builder.

Side project - educational road show: About 300 schools (pupils in the age of 15-18) and a dozen of professional organisations have been contacted and presented with a package of hands-on workshops, presentations for our contributor recruitment drive.


The project team is composed out of several people coming from Wikimedia Belgium and other organisations with a long-term expertise in working with cultural institutions and/or open knowledge projects. Besides WMBE, currently four organisations are represented in the team and are our partner in organising Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016:

This is the project team at the moment, the start-up team, which may grow in the coming months.


Target readership[edit]

It is a photo contest to open up Belgian art and other relevant items under a free license. The photos will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and used (as a start) in the Dutch Wikipedia, French Wikipedia, German Wikipedia and English Wikipedia, and be available to other wiki languages and projects to support articles about Belgian art, artists and artefacts in Belgian GLAM Institutions and Belgian Collections.

Fit with strategy[edit]

Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 will increase participation and improve editor diversity as it enables more people to contribute to Wikipedia/Wikimedia by taking photos. Sympathisers for Wikipedia/Wikimedia who are not interested in writing articles or edit Wikipedia, have the opportunity to participate in this contest to take pictures of art and more. (The contributor workshop team is currently looking into contacting women associations who would invite us for a wiki contributor workshop, in order to add a positive gender drive into this project)

Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 will increases the quality of images about Belgian art, Belgian artists, artefacts in Belgian Collections and Belgian GLAM Institutions that were previously not available under a free license. It will also make the Belgium-gap less wide and the availability will increase the coverage of Belgian art on Wikipedia both in images and text.

Measures of success[edit]

Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 has the following aims:

  • up to 2 dozen cultural institutions participate by opening the doors for photographers.
  • 50-100 participating photographers who visit the institutions and upload their photos to Commons.
  • 50-100 article editors, which we will follow-up on in order to make them regular contributor
  • 1000-2500 photos send in about works of art and other educational materials.

Although it is not a measure of success, we expect that in the follow up the collaboration will continue, also after the contest, which provided a safe means for a first collaboration with Wikipedia/Wikimedia. After the contest one or more edit-a-thons are planned (in the side projects road shows) to write articles about the works of art, the artists, the GLAM organisations and their collections.

Resources and risks[edit]


WMBE team members: Romaine, DerekvG, Afernand74, MADe

External members: FARO, PACKED, Open Knowledge Foundation Belgium, Creative Commons Belgium

Success factors: User:Romaine has participated in the organisation of Wiki Loves Art 2009 in the Netherlands. In 2009 Wiki Loves Art was organised for the first time in the Netherlands and had almost 50 cultural institutions from across the country participating which resulted in 4300+ uploaded photos of art in the Netherlands.


A risk is the relatively closed attitude of Belgian cultural institutions, compared with other countries. This is covered by having a diverse organising team that exists of various partners with a wide expertise in the cultural heritage sector.


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here. See Budget Guidelines. Grantees are subject to line-item scrutiny of expenses. Changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.

Project budget table[edit]

Description costs requested
from WMF (EUR)
costs borne by
external party (EUR)
Total costs (EUR)
Part 1: preparations
Website 500[T 1] 500
2 brochures[T 2] (design) 2,240[T 3] 1,868[T 4] 4,108
2 brochures[T 2] (printing) 1,774[T 5] 1,774
Cheatsheets (printing) 580[T 5] 580
Sub totals preparation 5,094 1,868 6,962
Part 2: Sub project Educational road show
handouts (printing) 580[T 5] 580
Investment beamer and portable PA (cheapest offer 1500 Euro) + 10% variation 1,650 1,650
Sub totals: roadshow 2,230 2,230
Part 3: contracting cultural institutions
Partner employee time involvement [T 6] - 8,000 8,000
Management expenses [T 7] 3,000 3,000
Travel expenses [T 8] 2,000 2,000
Venue rental + crew hire 7,500[T 9] 7,500
Sub totals contracting 5,000 15,500 20,500
Part 4: judging sessions and prize ceremony
Gifts for jury 250 250
Travel expenses jury 250 250
Prizes 600 600
Venue 1,250[T 10] 1,250
Catering ceremony 500[T 11] 500
Sub totals Judging 2,850 2,850
Sub Total 15,174 EUR 17,368 EUR 32,542 EUR
10% unforeseen expenses 1,518 EUR
BTW (local sales tax) 21% 3,506 EUR
Total 20,198 EUR (22,156.20 US$) 17,368 EUR 37,566 EUR (41,208 US$)
53.77 % 46.23 %
  1. Design and hosting, website intended for both cultural institutions to learn how to join Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 as for individual participants to read about how to and where to participate.
  2. a b Belgium is multilingual and we will need brochures in Dutch, French, German and English. The flyers will have 2 subjects:
    • About how to collaborate with Wikipedia/Wikimedia
    • About why a non-commercial clause is problematic
    The flyers will be used for other projects and activities of WMBE as well.
  3. Offer of designer
  4. Sponsored
  5. a b c Offer of printer
  6. estimated about 800 manhours: 2 partner organisations Packed and Faro invest an estimated 800 manhours from their employees in the project, breakdown each partner has put 2 employees on the WLA project. They spent each about 1/2 man-day a week, this makes about 64 manhours a month, from may 2015-feb 2016 (10 months) and another 4 months 32 manhours a month
  7. Expenses to run the project safely such as volunteer expenses compensation, volunteer accident liability insurance, etc...
  8. Travel costs by public transport for visiting meetings with the individual institutions and regional meetings, with collaborating organisations and organising and directing the photo-events
  9. 6x 1250, costs based on the indicated costs of conference rooms/meeting spaces for other projects in previous years.
  10. Estimation based on previous four years of Wiki Loves Monuments in Belgium. We hope to get this sponsored.
  11. We expect 50 people.

Total cost of project[edit]

37,566 EUR

Total amount requested[edit]

Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants Program.

20,198 EUR

Additional sources of revenue[edit]

Additional sources of revenue, other than the Project and Event Grants Program, that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded.

17,368 EUR (at this moment)

Costs born by other parties are the design of the flyers about Wikimedia Belgium in the four languages officially/mainly spoken in Belgium (initially 50% Wikimedia Nederland and 50% the designer who likes to support our initiative, designer sponsors us extra with 510 Euro), partly the other flyers (23% sponsored by the designer who likes to support our initiative), and the sponsored conference rooms and meeting spaces in various museums/institutions.

The budget is the basic budget which is needed for Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016. We will try to find other sources of funding to coffer costs that are for supplemental activities and/or to take over costs which are in the budget above. Parts in the budget above, that in the end will be covered by other funds, will be returned to WMF.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of non financial assistance available. Please inform the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requirements for non-financial assistance now.



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