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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • To read the approved grant submission describing the plan for this project, please visit Grants:PEG/WM VE/Start-Up.
  • You may still comment on this report on its discussion page.
  • Please visit Grants:PEG/WM VE/Start-Up/Report to comment on or read the final report.
  • You are welcome to Email grants at wikimedia dot org at any time if you have questions or concerns about this report.

Compliance and completion[edit]

Are you complying with the requirements specified by WMF in the grant agreement?
Did you use any of the grant funds?
Was this interim report requested by WMF?

Activities and lessons learned[edit]

This section describes what the grantee did, and what the grantee learned from implementing the project. This section should be useful to others implementing similar projects and is an opportunity for the grantee to reflect on the project's performance.


Provide a detailed list of activities performed to complete this project, descriptions of these activities, and the amount of time spent on each activity. This section should also include a list of participants, or a link to pictures, blog posts, or videos from the project or event.

I. Equipment and spendables[edit]

  • Date: Q2:2014
  • Type of activity: External
  • Place: California [US]
  • Participation: Board of Wikimedia Venezuela
  • Summary/report: Bought of Multi-function printer, Ink cartridges for printer, Projector, Portable computers (x3) and NetBooks Backpacks (x3)

II. Outreach and projects[edit]

  • Date: Q2:2014
  • Type of activity: External [Photo Contest, Translate edit-a-thon]
  • Place: Venezuela
  • Participation: Wikimedia Venezuela, Local volunteers
  • Summary/report: The launch of the photography competition Wikivoyage Contest 2014 (In the competition 14,236 photographs were received) and the first round of the Edit-a-thon Translate 2014 (In the first round of the competition 8 articles were created)

Lessons learned[edit]

What lessons were learned that may help others succeed in similar projects, or that may change the way you are doing this project?
Since the date when the start-up grant was approved (2012) we didn't realize or acknowledge the nature of the strict exchange control in place in Venezuela. After several months we failed to received the funds and convinced the grant executives to agree to in part receive the money via one of our partners located in the US. The main lesson here is to focus in small, but significant projects and not in the money (like we did).
What went well, or is going well?
We had a major restructure early this year, now we are concentrating effort towards new projects to try to engage volunteers and donors (an inactive community) to our goals. The first step is the implementation of Wikipedia in the classroom with the help of some new partnerships that heard of us in this past months (manly because of the success of the Wikivoyage contest).
What did not go well, or is not going well?
Our human capital (the volunteers) are really scarce, we lost a few partners in the past months and to this date we haven't been able to replace them.
From your answers above, do you plan to change anything you are doing as your project continues?
The main consensus is to downsize some of the objectives to try to match more realistic goals.

Project goal and measures of success[edit]

This section should reference the project goals and measures of success described in the approved grant submission. See Grants:PEG/WM VE/Start-Up/Report to review the goals and metrics listed in the approved submission.

Project goal[edit]

Provide the project goal here.
  • Establishment Administration of Wikimedia Venezuela as an official non-profit association under Venezuelan law. Not included in the grant Black check.svg Already done
  • Ensure participation of Venezuelan contributors to the Wikimedia movement, not only people from Caracas considering than more than 50% of members are located in cities other than the capital. X mark.svg Not done
  • Engage with cultural and educational institutions in the main cities of the country. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Development of projects in indigenous languages (Wayuunaiki, Yaruro, Ye'kuana, Yukpa, Barí, Warao, Guahibo, Pemón, Kari'ña, Warao and Añú, among others). Not included in the grant X mark.svg Not done
  • Improve Wikimedia movement awareness and engagement in Venezuela. X mark.svg Not done
  • Ensure the good use of the Wikimedia logos and marks. Black check.svg Already done
Do you expect to reach your project's goal? Why or why not?
We only cover the expenses of the equipment (bought abroad), the logistic of projects like the Wikivoyage Contest 2014 and the first round of the Edit-a-thon 2014 didn't got funding due to the impossibility to change the grants money in our local currency (VEF). We expect that the new bank account (either in USD in Venezuela or Panama) help us solve this problem.

Measures of success[edit]

List the measures of success exactly as provided in the approved grant submission, and evaluate your project according to each measure listed there. Answer only for measures on which you are currently able to report since your project has not been completed.
  • Establishment of Wikimedia Venezuela as a successful non-profit corporation under Venezuelan law. Not included in the grantBlack check.svg Already done
  • Agreements with cultural and educational institutions. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Increase participation in the Wayuunaiki Wikipedia, Wikisource and Wiktionary at the Wikimedia Incubator and their release as official projects. Not included in the grantX mark.svg Not done
  • Promote and execute several local content projects including Wikipedia Education Programs for universities and "Wikipedia en el aula" targeting the venezuelan baccalaureate, Wiki Loves Monuments Venezuela 2014 edition, and a contest to promote content generation related to intangible and natural heritage and other cultural facts in Venezuela. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
Provide an overall assessment of how your project is going according to these measures.
During the organization of the Wikivoyage Contest 2014 (Q2:2014) we were able to gather 14.236 photographs. According to our KPIs, that mean 1780% over our Quantity of Expected Content (800 photographs). By the other hand, the first round of the edit-a-thon Translate only gathered 8 new articles, meaning only an 8% of our Quantity of Expected Content (100 new articles).

Reporting and documentation of expenditures[edit]

This section describes the grant's use of funds


Remember that you will need to send receipts or documentation of all project expenses to WMF at the time your final report is submitted.


Please list all project expenses in a table here, with descriptions and dates. Review the instructions here here.
These expenses should be listed in the same format as the budget table in your approved submission so that anyone reading this report may be able to easily compare budgeted vs. actual expenses.
Note that variances in the project budget over 10% per expense category must be approved in advance by Project and Event Grants program staff. For all other variances, please provide an explanation in the table below.
Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Actual cost per unit Actual total Budgeted total Currency Notes
1 Equipment and spendables Multi-function printer 1 1 149.99 149.99 150 USD
2 Equipment and spendables Ink cartridges for printer 1 12 12.36 148.43 156 USD
3 Equipment and spendables VideoBeam (projector) 1 1 62,30 62,30 330 USD
4 Equipment and spendables Laptop 1 3 469.67 1,409.67 2,000 USD
5 Equipment and spendables Provision for shippings 1 1 614.80 614.80 500 USD Cost of the shipment from California, trough Miami, to Caracas.
# # # # # # 2,385.19 3,136.00 USD Difference of USD 750.81 (+23,94%)
Total amount spent on this project so far (with currency)
USD 13,724.21
Total amount of WMF grant funds spent on this project so far (with currency)
USD 2,385.19
Based on your spending, will you need to request any changes to your budget? If you do, please see the guidelines for requesting changes to your budget.