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Building the Wikimedia Movement in Georgia
start date2024-01-012024-01-01T00:00:00Z
end date2026-12-312026-12-31T00:00:00Z
budget (local currency)591087 GEL
amount requested (USD)227252 USD [note 1]
amount recommended (USD)183972.49
amount recommended (local currency)463453 GEL
grant typeWikimedia Affiliate (chapter, thematic org., or user group)
funding regionCEECA
decision fiscal year2023-24
funding program roundRound 1
organization (if applicable)Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia

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Applicant information[edit]

Organization name or Wikimedia Username for individuals. (required)
Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
Do you have any approved General Support Fund requests? (required)
Yes, I have already applied and received a General Support Fund
You are applying as a(n). (required)
Wikimedia Affiliate (chapter, thematic org., or user group)
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Main proposal[edit]

1. Please state the title of your proposal. This will also be a title for the Meta-Wiki page. (required)
Building the Wikimedia Movement in Georgia
2. Do you want to apply for the multi-year funding or renewal process? (required)
Yes, multi-year funding with different programs and budgets every year (a strategic plan is required)
2.1. For how many years of multi-year funding are you applying? (required)
3 years
2.2. Provide a brief overview of Year 2 and Year 3 of the proposed plan and how this relates to the current proposal and your strategic plan? (required)

1. Bridging Gaps: Addressing content gaps is crucial for promoting knowledge, reducing misinformation, and supporting communities. Wikimedia UG Georgia is working on bridging gaps within the content of the Georgian Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects and on developing the Georgian Wikipedia in relation to other language versions of Wikipedia. The organization will hold various programs, contests, and events for the next three years to eliminate this problem. The organization will continue to work in this direction.

2. Community Development: Community development within the Georgian Wikimedia movement is crucial to the sustainability and growth of Wikimedia projects. As an organization, we recognize that community development is an ongoing process that requires patience and dedication. Building a strong and vibrant Wikimedia community takes time and the involvement of passionate individuals committed to free knowledge. We will continue to work in this direction over the next 3 years to develop the local community.
3. Advocacy: Developing an effective advocacy strategy requires careful planning, research, and execution. This is an extremely important factor in our case, and we will advocate at the legislative level for changing state policy and copyright laws. Over the next three years, the organization will conduct research, develop a strategy, and try to change copyright laws.
4. Partnership: Wikimedia UG Georgia collaborates with cultural institutions, museums, libraries, and other organizations to digitize and share their resources via Wikimedia projects. Also, Wikimedia UG Georgia also cooperates with governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In the coming years, the main goal of Wikimedia UG Georgia is to develop relationships and make them sustainable with existing Wikimedia partners and establish new relationships with other Wikimedia regions and affiliates.
5. The organizational development of Wikimedia UG Georgia is crucial for several reasons, as it directly impacts the effectiveness and sustainability of the affiliations efforts in promoting and supporting Wikimedia projects. The organization will continue to make efforts for the organizational growth of the affiliation.

3. Proposed start date. (required)
4. Proposed end date. (required)
5. Does your organization or group have an Affiliate or Organizational Annual Plan that can help us understand your proposal? If yes, please provide it. (required)
6. Does your affiliate, organization or group have a Strategic Plan that can help us understand your proposal? If yes, please provide it. (required)
7. Where will this proposal be implemented? (required)
8. What are your programs, approaches, and strategies? What are the challenges that you are trying to address and how will your strategies support you in addressing these challenges? (required)

The Wikipedia UG Georgia strategy for the development of Wikipedia projects and movement locally in Georgia consists of 5 program areas:

1. Bridging Gaps: Closing the content gap in Wikimedia projects is a crucial and ongoing effort to ensure that knowledge is more inclusive and representative. Through various projects and initiatives, we are trying to involve more volunteers in projects and the Wikimedia movement to bridge this gap in knowledge and content.
2. Community Development: Community development, support, and preservation of community sustainability is one of the most important goals of Wikimedia UG Georgia. With this goal, Wikimedia UG Georgia wants to attract new volunteers, editors, and people to the initiative of the Wikimedia movement to develop and improve Wikimedia projects. To achieve your goals, the organization undertakes such projects as WikiClubs, WikiCamps, training, workshops, etc.
3. Advocacy: Wikimedia UG Georgia has planned to conduct research in 2024 on the state policy and legislation of Georgia on copyright policy. Also, the research will include the study of European law and the legislation of EU countries on copyright. The research will subsequently provide an opportunity to develop an advocacy strategy for Wikimedia UG Georgia.
4. Partnership: Wikimedia UG Georgia will continue strengthening partnerships with all existing partners, including government, educational, and non-governmental organizations. Also, the organization will continue to expand its network of partnerships with new organizations.
5. Wikimedia UG Georgia plans to become a new chapter of Wikimedia in 2024. During this process, Wikimedia Georgia will change its charter and adjust official documents and registration at the local level, following the requirements of the legislation of Georgia and the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikimedia UG Georgia will develop a plan and hold meetings with members of the organization to plan better the involvement of members of the organization in working in the chapter and attract new members to the organization.
9. What categories are your main programs and related activities under? Please select all that apply. (required)
Category Yes/No
Education Yes
Culture, heritage or GLAM Yes
Gender and diversity No
Community support and engagement Yes
Participation in campaigns and contests Yes
Public policy advocacy Yes
Other No


9.1.1. Select all your programs and activities for Education. (required)
Wiki Club, Wiki Camp, Editing Wikipedia Training, Research, Wikidata programs, Wikimedia Commons programs, Other Wikimedia project programs
Other programs and activities if any: N/A
9.1.2. Select all relevant audience groups for Education. (required)
Primary school students, Secondary school students, Vocational, tertiary, or higher education, Teachers or professors
Other groups if any: N/A

Culture, heritage or GLAM

9.2. Select all your programs and activities for Culture, heritage or GLAM. (required)
Supporting institutions to open up their collections, data, metadata, and research, Supporting GLAM professionals to incorporate use of Wikimedia in their work, through documentation, training, or Wikimedian in Residence programs, Partnering with institutions, professional associations, and allied organizations to raise awareness of open culture, ethical sharing, and related issues
Other programs and activities if any: N/A

Community support and engagement

9.4. Select all your programs and activities for Community support and engagement.
On-wiki training of community members, Off-wiki training of community members, Organizing meetups, conferences, and community events, Supporting community members' participation in events and conferences, Offering non financial support and services to community members (equipment, space, books, etc.)
Other programs and activities if any: N/A

Participation in campaigns and contests

9.5. Select all campaigns that apply. (required)
CEE Spring, Wikipedia Asian Month, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Monuments, WikiGap, Wikipedia Birthday or Anniversary
Other programs and activities if any: N/A

Public policy advocacy

9.6. Describe your Public policy advocacy work and actions in detail. (required)
Wikimedia UG Georgia has planned to conduct research in 2024 on the state policy and legislation of Georgia on copyright policy. Also, the research will include the study of European law and the legislation of EU countries on copyright. The research will subsequently provide an opportunity to develop an advocacy strategy for Wikimedia UG Georgia.

The organization will also continue advocating for Freedom of Panorama and its partners in Georgia. In this matter, the organization will also actively cooperate with the Legal Department of the Wikimedia Foundation to eliminate the issues existing in Wikimedia projects.

In the design and advocacy process, Wikimedia UG Georgia will actively collaborate with the Wikimedia Foundation's Global Advocacy team and Wikimedia Europe.

All resources created by the affiliation will be shared with partners and Wikimedia communities.

10. Please include a link to or upload a timeline (operational calendar) for your programs and activities. (required)
11. Describe your team. (required)

1) Mehman Ibragimov (User:Mehman (WMGE)) – ED of UG, is engaged in the preparation of reports and grant applications on behalf of the UG and controls the layered work of the organization. Also, supervises the staff of the UG, establishes and ensures the stable work of staff, checks monthly staff reports, collects monthly reports, and prepares final organization reports for the Foundation. Keep track of bank accounts and allocate finances within the organization. (Paid Staff) 2) Mikheili Chabukashvili (User:MIKHEIL and User:Mikheil (WMGE)) – UG Program and Social Media Manager, is involved in the preparation and implementation of all programs and projects of the UG. (Paid staff) 3) Jaba Labadze (User:Jaba1977) – WikiClubs coordinator. (Paid staff) 4) George Melashvili (User:Melberg) – Helps in the development of programs. (Volunteer) 5) David Asriashvili (User:David1010) – Assists in contests preparation. (Volunteer) 6) Mikheil Chkhikvadze (User:Surprizi) – Helps in evaluating contests. (Volunteer) 7) Nino Turmanidze – Actively conducts trainings. (Volunteer) 10) Akaki Balanchivadze - Actively conducts trainings. (Volunteer) 11) Zurab Lebanidze - Actively conducts trainings. (Volunteer) 12) Leila Karajaeva - Accountant. (Paid staff)

12. Will you be working with any internal (Wikimedia) or external partners? Describe the characteristics of these partnerships and bring a few examples of the most significant partnerships. (required)

1. Wikimedia UG Georgia actively cooperates with the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. We already have an active Wikipedian in the library, which integrates library resources to the Georgian Wikipedia and Wikidata. In 2024, it’s also planned to incorporate the library’s photo archive into Wikimedia Commons, for which Wikimedia UG Georgia will provide human and technical resources for a joint library and affiliation project. Wikimedia UG Georgia will also continue to provide training for National Library staff on working on Wikimedia projects.

2. This year, we will continue to work with our partners, the Administration of the President of Georgia, to promote the Freedom of Panorama project at the legislative level. In addition, we plan to hold joint edit-a-thones in different thematic areas.
3. Wikimedia UG Georgia, as the founder and partner of Wikimedia Europe, cooperates with the affiliation in the field of advocacy.
4. Wikimedia UG Georgia continues to cooperate with the Ministry of Education to popularize and integrate Wikimedia projects in the educational institutions of Georgia. With the facilitation of the ministry, the organization opens new WikiClubs on the basis of educational institutions.
13. In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select all that apply. (required)
Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement, Improve User Experience, Ensure Equity in Decision-making, Invest in Skills and Leadership Development, Manage Internal Knowledge, Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt


Wikimedia Metrics[edit]

14. Please select and fill out Wikimedia Metrics for your proposal. (recommended)
14.1. Number of participants, editors, and organizers.

All metrics provided are optional, please fill them out if they are aligned with your programs and activities.

Participants, editors, and organizers
Metrics name Target Description
Number of all participants 140 Participants who will participate in WMGE projects (WikiClubs, WikiCamps, training, workshops, edit-a-thons, lectures, meetings, training, and article contests).
Number of all editors 100 We want to increase the number of active contributors to Wikimedia projects in Georgia.
Number of new editors 60
Number of retained editors 35
Number of all organizers 12 The number of Organization Members overseeing the implementation of Wikimedia Georgia projects and programs will increase.
Number of new organizers 5
14.2. Number of new content contributions to Wikimedia projects. (recommended)
Contributions to Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia project Created Edited or improved
Wikipedia 1500 600
Wikimedia Commons 1000 200
Wikidata 2000 1000
Wikisource 500 150
Wikimedia Incubator
Wikiquote 200 50
Wikifunctions / Abstract Wikipedia
Description for Wikimedia projects contributions metrics. (optional)

The main Wikimedia projects the organization will work on in 2024.

Other Metrics[edit]

15. Do you have other quantitative and qualitative targets for your project (other metrics)? (required)
Other Metrics Description Target
Open new WikiClubs We want to develop a network of WikiClubs in different regions of Georgia and plan to open 2 new clubs. 2
New partnerships We want to develop a network of our partners and ally with new organizations. 4
WikiCamps We will hold 2 WikiCamp for teachers and young people. 2


16. Will you have any other revenue sources when implementing this proposal (e.g. other funding, membership contributions, donations)? (required)
16.1. List other revenue sources. (required)


16.2. Approximately how much revenue will you have from other sources in your local currency? (required)
17. Your local currency. (required)
18. What is the total requested amount in your local currency? (required)
591087 GEL
Multi-year funding request summary
Year Amount (local currency)
Year 1 163084 GEL
Year 2 194547 GEL
Year 3 233456 GEL
Requested amount in USD
227252 USD [note 1]
Multi-year funding request summary in USD
Year Amount USD [note 1]
Year 1 62432 USD
Year 2 74918.4 USD
Year 3 89901.6 USD
  1. a b c The following amount in US dollars was calculated by Wikimedia Foundation staff using the fixed currency rates. This amount is approximate and may not reflect the actual currency exchange rates on the day of submission or distribution. If the application is funded, the funding will be sent in the recipient’s local currency.
19. Does this proposal include compensation for staff or contractors? (required)
19.1. How many paid staff members do you plan to have? (required)

Include the number of staff and contractors during the proposal period. If you have short-term contractors or staff, please include them separately and mention their terms.

In 2024: 4 staff (1 ED, 1 WikiClub Coordinator, 1 Project Manager, 1 accountant)

In 2025: 5 staff (1 ED, 2 WikiClub Coordinator, 1 Project Manager, 1 accountant) In 2026: 6 staff (1 ED, 2 WikiClub Coordinator, 1 Project Manager, 1 Advocacy officer, 1 accountant)

19.2. How many FTEs (full-time equivalents) in total? (required)

Include the total FTE of staff and contractors during the proposal period. If you have short-term contractors or staff, please include their FTEs with the terms separately.

In 2024: 3 FTE staff

In 2025: 4 FTE staff In 2026: 5 FTE staff

19.3. Describe any staff or contractor changes compared to the current year / ongoing General Support Fund if any. (required only for returning grantees)
20. Please provide an overview of your overall budget categories in your local currency. The budget breakdown should include only the amount requested with this General Support Fund (required).
Budget category Amount in local currency
Staff and contactor costs 26811 GEL
Operational costs 35621 GEL
Programmatic costs 62432 GEL
21. Please upload your budget for this proposal or indicate the link to it. (required)

Additional information[edit]

22. In this optional space you can add any other additional information about your proposal or organization that you think can help us when reviewing your proposal. (optional)

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