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Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Community Fund/General Support Fund/Iraqi Wikimedians 2024 plan

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Iraqi Wikimedians 2024 plan
start date2024-07-012024-07-01T00:00:00Z
end date2024-12-312024-12-31T00:00:00Z
budget (local currency)14410000 IQD
amount requested (USD)22000 USD [note 1]
amount recommended (USD)12000
amount recommended (local currency)12000 IQD
grant typeGroup of individuals not registered with an organization
funding regionMENA
decision fiscal year2023-24
funding program roundRound 2
organization (if applicable)Iraqi Wikimedians User Group

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Applicant information[edit]

Organization name or Wikimedia Username for individuals. (required)
Iraqi Wikimedians User Group
Do you have any approved General Support Fund requests? (required)
No, it is my first time applying for a General Support Fund
You are applying as a(n). (required)
Group of individuals not registered with an organization
Are your group or organization legally registered in your country? (required)
Do you have a fiscal sponsor?
Fiscal organization name.

Main proposal[edit]

1. Please state the title of your proposal. This will also be a title for the Meta-Wiki page. (required)
Iraqi Wikimedians 2024 plan
2. Do you want to apply for the multi-year funding or renewal process? (required)
2.1. For how many years of multi-year funding are you applying? (required)
2.2. Provide a brief overview of Year 2 and Year 3 of the proposed plan and how this relates to the current proposal and your strategic plan? (required)


3. Proposed start date. (required)
4. Proposed end date. (required)
5. Does your organization or group have an Affiliate or Organizational Annual Plan that can help us understand your proposal? If yes, please provide it. (required)
6. Does your affiliate, organization or group have a Strategic Plan that can help us understand your proposal? If yes, please provide it. (required)
7. Where will this proposal be implemented? (required)
8. What are your programs, approaches, and strategies? What are the challenges that you are trying to address and how will your strategies support you in addressing these challenges? (required)

In recent years, our User Group has experienced a period of inactivity, resulting in stagnant and outdated content related to Iraq across Wiki projects. To address this issue, we are initiating efforts to reinvigorate the group through a series of workshops, competitions, and activities designed to attract new editors and engage existing members.

Our primary objective is to reunite both current and former contributors within a collaborative framework aimed at enhancing Iraqi-related content on Wiki projects. Additionally, we plan to reconnect with individuals trained through IBB & MiCT's programs from 2021-2022, encouraging their involvement to ensure the sustainability of Wikimedia efforts in Iraq and prevent the loss of valuable contributions.

Central to our strategy is the cultivation of an active and inclusive environment within the User Group, wherein every member has the opportunity to contribute to the organization and implementation of activities. While re-engaging former contributors poses a significant challenge, we intend to overcome this obstacle by collaborating with IBB and MiCT to reach out to trainees and invite them to participate in our initiatives.

Furthermore, we will utilize social media platforms and various communication channels to promote our activities and projects, effectively reaching out to potential volunteers within the wider public sphere. Through these concerted efforts, we aim to revitalize our User Group, foster a vibrant community of Wikimedians in Iraq, and enrich the online representation of Iraqi culture and heritage.

9. What categories are your main programs and related activities under? Please select all that apply. (required)
Category Yes/No
Education Yes
Culture, heritage or GLAM Yes
Gender and diversity No
Community support and engagement Yes
Participation in campaigns and contests No
Public policy advocacy No
Other No


9.1.1. Select all your programs and activities for Education. (required)
Wiki Club, Editing Wikipedia Training, Wikidata programs, Wikimedia Commons programs
Other programs and activities if any: N/A
9.1.2. Select all relevant audience groups for Education. (required)
Vocational, tertiary, or higher education
Other groups if any: N/A

Culture, heritage or GLAM

9.2. Select all your programs and activities for Culture, heritage or GLAM. (required)
Supporting institutions to open up their collections, data, metadata, and research, Partnering with institutions, professional associations, and allied organizations to raise awareness of open culture, ethical sharing, and related issues, Supporting GLAM professionals to incorporate use of Wikimedia in their work, through documentation, training, or Wikimedian in Residence programs
Other programs and activities if any: N/A

Community support and engagement

9.4. Select all your programs and activities for Community support and engagement.
On-wiki training of community members, Organizing meetups, conferences, and community events, Supporting community members' participation in events and conferences, Offering non financial support and services to community members (equipment, space, books, etc.)
Other programs and activities if any: N/A
10. Please include a link to or upload a timeline (operational calendar) for your programs and activities. (required)
11. Describe your team. (required)

Core Team

  • User: Alli Khalil (Project Coordinator)
  • User: Mahmoudalrawi
  • User: Luma.H
  • User: Mohammed Qays
12. Will you be working with any internal (Wikimedia) or external partners? Describe the characteristics of these partnerships and bring a few examples of the most significant partnerships. (required)

- Mainly we will work with user groups in the MENA region to implement cooperative activities

  • We will cooperate with the Wikidata Arabic Community to support our Wikidata activities and projects
  • Cooperate with the Wikipedia Arabic Day initiative to implement activities aligned with this occasion
  • Work with the American University in Baghdad to implement activities for their students.
  • Now we are also in contact with the Iraqi Documentation House to work on adding the documents to the commons
13. In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select all that apply. (required)
Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement, Invest in Skills and Leadership Development, Manage Internal Knowledge, Identify Topics for Impact, Innovate in Free Knowledge, Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt


Wikimedia Metrics[edit]

14. Please select and fill out Wikimedia Metrics for your proposal. (recommended)
14.1. Number of participants, editors, and organizers.

All metrics provided are optional, please fill them out if they are aligned with your programs and activities.

Participants, editors, and organizers
Metrics name Target Description
Number of all participants 100 N/A
Number of all editors 16 *Editors = Contributors with editing permission
Number of new editors 8
Number of retained editors 8
Number of all organizers 1 N/A
Number of new organizers 3
14.2. Number of new content contributions to Wikimedia projects. (recommended)
Contributions to Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia project Created Edited or improved
Wikipedia 500 1000
Wikimedia Commons 1000 100
Wikidata 2000 2000
Wikimedia Incubator
Wikifunctions / Abstract Wikipedia
Description for Wikimedia projects contributions metrics. (optional)

Other Metrics[edit]

15. Do you have other quantitative and qualitative targets for your project (other metrics)? (required)
Other Metrics Description Target


16. Will you have any other revenue sources when implementing this proposal (e.g. other funding, membership contributions, donations)? (required)
16.1. List other revenue sources. (required)


16.2. Approximately how much revenue will you have from other sources in your local currency? (required)
17. Your local currency. (required)
18. What is the total requested amount in your local currency? (required)
14410000 IQD
Multi-year funding request summary
Year Amount (local currency)
Year 1 N/A IQD
Year 2 N/A IQD
Year 3 N/A IQD
Requested amount in USD
22000 USD [note 1]
Multi-year funding request summary in USD
Year Amount USD [note 1]
Year 1 N/A USD
Year 2 N/A USD
Year 3 N/A USD
  1. a b c The following amount in US dollars was calculated by Wikimedia Foundation staff using the fixed currency rates. This amount is approximate and may not reflect the actual currency exchange rates on the day of submission or distribution. If the application is funded, the funding will be sent in the recipient’s local currency.
19. Does this proposal include compensation for staff or contractors? (required)
19.1. How many paid staff members do you plan to have? (required)

Include the number of staff and contractors during the proposal period. If you have short-term contractors or staff, please include them separately and mention their terms.

1- Project Coordinator | 6 Months

2 - Graphic Designer | 1 Month

19.2. How many FTEs (full-time equivalents) in total? (required)

Include the total FTE of staff and contractors during the proposal period. If you have short-term contractors or staff, please include their FTEs with the terms separately.

19.3. Describe any staff or contractor changes compared to the current year / ongoing General Support Fund if any. (required only for returning grantees)
20. Please provide an overview of your overall budget categories in your local currency. The budget breakdown should include only the amount requested with this General Support Fund (required).
Budget category Amount in local currency
Staff and contractor costs 5436500 IQD
Operational costs 6615500 IQD
Programmatic costs 1048000 IQD
21. Please upload your budget for this proposal or indicate the link to it. (required)


Additional information[edit]

22. In this optional space you can add any other additional information about your proposal or organization that you think can help us when reviewing your proposal. (optional)

- The strategy is built to be sustainable even after the end of this grant.

  • Most of the activities will be in cooperation with other user groups in the region.
  • The equipments in the budget will be shared with all the members and available for any wiki-related needs.
  • All the included costs are measured on the reasonable rates in Iraq.
  • We took into consideration the safety of the members, especially for the user group's meetup.
  • We are in contact with IBB and MiCT to include the old wiki participants in our activities.

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