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Rapid Fund Final Report

Report Status: Under review

Due date: 2023-07-23T00:00:00Z

Funding program: Rapid Fund, Wikimedia Community Fund

Report type: Final


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General information[edit]

  • Title of Proposal: Wikimedia Awareness and Training in Federal college of Education (Technical).
  • Username of Applicant: Meritkosy
  • Name of Organization: N/A
  • Amount awarded: 2161.67
  • Amount spent: 2134.7 USD, 984100 NGN

Part 1 Understanding your work[edit]

1. Briefly describe how your proposed activities and strategies were implemented

Announcement and awareness was made in social media platforms and in the Federal College of Education (T), Gombe via the use of flyers. We had two online training and two physical training. We trained participants on wikipedia, wikidata and wikimedia commons.

Training and recruiting new set of editors:New editors were recruited and trained. Two days online sessions were held and two days physical training. Online sessions were held subsequently every week throughout the period of the edit a thon for more coaching and support. 34 editors were enrolled on the dashboard, 29 new editors were recruited and trained while 5 existing editors joined the training. The training exposed participants to the core content policies of Wikipedia, how to create an article from scratch using their sandbox, how to perform minor edits, add citations, info boxes, and images, how to expand articles, how to upload media files on Wikimedia commons, how to create new items and edit on Wikidata, and how to leverage on wikidata as librarian to satisfy their library users needs.

Partnership: ICT hall was provided by the institution for the purpose of the training.

Creating a community of Wikimedia Editors: At the end of the training, a sustainable group called the FCE(T) Wikimedia editors were formed.

2. Were there any strategies or approaches that you felt were effective in achieving your goals? Please describe these strategies and approaches.

Some of the effective strategies we used include the following: Series of online training: As a result of the digital literacy level of the participants, we held trainings virtually every week in order to boost their understanding and support those that were having challenge. This helped them better understand how they can contribute their quota and improve contents on Wikipedia.

Sustainable group: A whatsApp group was created and each participant was also added to   a dedicated group where the participants can interact and  continue to learn long after the program.

Data reimbursement: Participants received data after each online training and top weekly contributors also received data, which was a motivating factor and a driving force for them to do more.

Prizes: Participants were always reminded of the available prizes for top editors. Prizes were given to the top editors and have played a vital role not just during the event but even after the event it as it keeps them motivated and expecting for another time.

3. Please use this space to upload media and other files that help tell your story and impact.

Field to type in URLs.

Link to the pictures taken during the event:

Link to the certificate presentation to the participants:

Link to the program Dashboard:,_Gombe_State/Wikimedia_Awareness_and_Training_in_Federal_college_of_Education_Technical/home

Link to the facebook post:

Link to event page:

4. To what extent do you agree with the following statements regarding the work carried out with the support of this Fund? You can choose “not applicable” if your work does not relate to these goals.

Our efforts during the Fund period have helped to...
A. Bring in participants from underrepresented groups Strongly agree
B. Create a more inclusive and connected culture in our community Strongly agree
C. Develop content about underrepresented topics/groups Strongly agree
D. Develop content from underrepresented perspectives Strongly agree
E. Encourage the retention of editors Agree
F. Encourage the retention of organizers Strongly agree

5. Is there anything else you would like to share about how your efforts helped to bring in participants and/or build out content, particularly for underrepresented groups?

There is a low representation of librarians who are wikimedia editors in Gombe State. Librarians are the custodians of information and will contribute in adding credible and reliable sources to Wikipedia articles. This training was the first training and recruitment of librarians as wikimedia editors in Gombe state.

The participants were unfamiliar with wikimedia projects. This slowed down our campaign at some points. We had to engage them in several one-on-one sessions before they became acquainted with it and contributed meaningfully.

Part 2: Your main learning[edit]

6. In your application, you outlined your learning priorities. What did you learn about these areas during this period?

The learning objectives are: Did the project create awareness among targeted community? Yes, the project created an awareness among the staff and students of Federal College of education (T) What is their perception of Wikipedia? Before the training, some of the participant have not heard about Wikipedia, while some have heard about it but did not see it as a reliable source of information. After the training, their eyes were opened and they now see wikipedia as a reliable source of information.

Did the programme meet their expectations? yes the programme met its expectation. this can be seen on the dashboard.

How to effectively recruit and train new editors for sustainability. New editors were trained and recruited, after the training a sustainable group was formed.

Did the project improve their digital skills to contribute to Wikimedia projects?

Yes, the program improved the digital literacy of the participants. Before the training most of the could not navigate the zoom online training, and other digital aspects but they learnt in the process of the training.

7. Did anything unexpected or surprising happen when implementing your activities?This can include both positive and negative situations. What did you learn from those experiences?

we experienced an issue of low digital literacy skill among the participants which caused a slow pace in learning but my team and I put them through which is also part of learning. After the physical training, we held series of online training to reinforce and support them, this series of trainings helped in making them understand better.

8. How do you hope to use this learning? For instance, do you have any new priorities, ideas for activities, or goals for the future?

I hope to build our next campaign upon these learnings and focus on establishing more partnerships with librarians.

With the new information gathered from executing this project,   I believe engaging other librarians and students  from other institutions will be easier and more effective for me and my team. Also organizing meet-ups and retraining of the previous editors.

9. Documentation of resources: Use this space to upload any documents that would be useful to share with others (e.g. communications material, training material, presentations).

Here is an additional field to type in URLs.

Links to some and flyers used for online communications:

Links to slide presentations:

Link to the photos:

Part 3: Metrics[edit]

10a. Open Metrics reporting

In your application, you defined some open metrics and targets (goals). You will see a table like the one below with your metric in the title and the target you set in your proposal automatically filled in. Use the tables to report the result. Use the comments column to describe any aspects of this result that you find relevant. If the results were different from the initial target (goals) then you can explain why and what you learned from this. You can also provide any qualitative analysis regarding these results. In the last column please describe the tools and methodology used to collect this data and any difficulties you might have had.

Open Metrics Summary
Open Metrics Description Target Results Comments Methodology
Creating awareness The total number of people reached online and offline to promote the wikimedia project objectives 300 400 The total number of awareness beneficiaries of both online and physical awareness. Sharing flyers online and physically
Number of Editors The total number of participants that will be trained. 30 32 The total number of the trained Editors

(New and returning)

Online and physical trainings
Total numbers of articles improved or created created The total numbers of articles improved or created during the edit-a-thon 100 316 The total number of articles across

Wikipedia and Wikidata

The total number of articles across

Wikipedia and Wikidata

Number of events The total number of events during the month long training 4 4 Two online training and two physical training.

Additional 3 online training after the physical event.

N/A N/A 0 N/A N/A N/A

10b. Core Metrics reporting

In your application, you defined targets for some core metrics and targets (goals). You will see a table like the one below with each core metric in the title and the target you set in your proposal automatically filled in. Use the tables to report the result. Use the comments column to describe any aspects of this result that you find relevant. If the results were different from the initial target (goals) then you can explain why and what you learned from this. You can also provide any qualitative analysis regarding these results. In the last column please describe the tools and methodology used to collect this data and any difficulties you might have had. Note: a table will appear for each Wikimedia project content contribution you defined in your proposal.

Core Metrics Summary
Core metrics Description Target Results Comments Methodology
Number of participants The target participants are Librarians/academics and students from FCE(T) ranging from the age of 18-60 years and they are staff of the institution 30 38 We worked with 32 Participants and 6 facilitators ( 4 physical and 2 online facilitators) . Instead of the proposed target of working with 30 Participants.

Out of the 32 participants, 29 were new participants and 3 were returning participants.

Outreach dashboard, google form
Number of editors These are the targets number of new editors of Wikimedia projects. 30 34 The number of editors that created new accounts on a Wikimedia project as part of the proposal’s activities were (28), while few of the editors (6) were returning editors that had already registered before the project activities but participated in editing activities associated with the project. Outreach dashboard

and project meta page

Number of organizers Number of experienced editors who will run and organize the projects. 6 6 The organizers were 6. However, two of the facilitators actively participated online.

4 were supposed to be available for the physical training one one felt ill during the training period, therefore another volunteer editor was called on.

Number of new content contributions per Wikimedia project
Wikimedia Project Description Target Results Comments Methodology
Wikipedia N/A 100 570 Wikipedia articles created or edited

during the program

Program outreach dashboard
Wikidata N/A 100 2456 Edits on wikidata Program Outreach Dashboard
Wikimedia Commons N/A 100 109 Total number of Wikimedia commons

photos uploaded during the campaign

Program outreach dashboard
Wiktionary N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Wikivoyage N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

12. Did you have any difficulties collecting data to measure your results? This could include things like a lack of time or resources, or the expertise in your team to collect this data. It could also include difficulties with particular data collection tools.


12a. State what difficulties you had.

I had difficulty tracking which edit was for Wikipedia or wikidata from the total number of edits since it was not separated on the dashboard.

12b. How do you hope to overcome these challenges in the future? Do you have any recommendations for the Foundation to support you in addressing these challenges?

I will recommend the foundation to develop specific tools to better track participants' contributions with specifications on which edit was made on Wikipedia and which was made on wikidata for easy tracking of specific contributions made to each sister project.

13. Use this space to upload any documents and provide links to any tools you have used that would be useful to understand your data collection (e.g., surveys you have carried out, communications material, training material, program and event dashboard link, project page on Meta).

Here is an additional field to type in URLs.

1. Links to Google form used during the event to record the participants information:

2. Link to attendance form:
3. Link to the Post Evaluation form:
4. Link to the Program Dashboard:,_Gombe_State/Wikimedia_Awareness_and_Training_in_Federal_college_of_Education_Technical/home
5. Link to the event Dashboard: Link to event page:

14. Have you shared these results with other Wikimedian communities (either affiliates, user groups, volunteers, etc., different to yours)? This can include things such as data and direct outcomes, lessons you have learned, or information on how to run or recreate your programs.


14a. If yes or partially, please describe how you have already shared them and if you would like to do more sharing, and if so how.

We shared them through Facebook page and Whatsapp group.

Part 4: Financial reporting and compliance[edit]

15. & 14a. Please state the total amount spent in your local currency.

984100 NGN

16. Please state the total amount spent in USD.

2134.7 USD

17. Please report the funds received and spending in the currency of your fund.

17a. Upload a financial report file.

17b. Please provide a link to your financial reporting document.

Link to financial report:

As required in the fund agreement, please report any deviations from your fund proposal here. Note that, among other things, any changes must be consistent with our WMF mission, must be for charitable purposes as defined in the grant agreement, and must otherwise comply with the grant agreement.

17c. If you have not already done so in your budget report, please provide information on changes in the budget in relation to your original proposal.

The budget was initially for 30 participants and 4 physical facilitators but we had 32 participants and 4 physical facilitators. Therefore contingency fund was used to was used to cover the expenses of the 2 extra participants.

However due to inflation, there was a slight increment in the prices of some items.

certificates 1200 per copy instead of 1000 per copy of the initial budget. Refreshment 3100 instead of 3000 Customized T-shirts and caps- 8000 instead of inital 5000

18. Do you have any unspent funds from the Fund?


18a. Please list the amount and currency you did not use and explain why.

The unspent amount is #12500 . This is because, despite the inflation in some items, some prizes also reduced .

18b. What are you planning to do with the underspent funds?

B. Propose to use them to partially or fully fund a new/future grant request with PO approval

18c. Please provide details of hope to spend these funds.

I intend to use this fund in subsequent grant.

19. Are you in compliance with the terms outlined in the fund agreement?


20. Are you in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the grant agreement?


21. Are you in compliance with provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code (“Code”), and with relevant tax laws and regulations restricting the use of the Funds as outlined in the grant agreement? In summary, this is to confirm that the funds were used in alignment with the WMF mission and for charitable/nonprofit/educational purposes.


22. If you have additional recommendations or reflections that don’t fit into the above sections, please write them here.

Other documents