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Grants:Project/MSIG/Deepening Community Engagement on Movement Strategy Implementation/Report

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Movement Strategy Implementation Grant Report

Please review the notes below before submitting your report.

Your draft implementation plan document should address the following questions clearly:

  • What movement strategy initiative or goal are you addressing?
  • What activities will you be doing to address that initiative?
  • What do you expect will happen as a result of your activities? How do those outcomes address the movement strategy initiative?
  • How will you measure or evaluate your activities? What tools or methods will you use to evaluate your activities?

To create a draft implementation plan, we recommend the use of a logic model, which will help you and your team think about goals, activities, outcomes, and other factors in an organized way. Please refer the following resources to develop a logic model:


Please respond to the following questions below:

Where have you published your draft plan? Share the link to it here:

  • ...

Deepening Community Engagement on Movement Strategy project plan and outcome document

What Movement Strategy initiative is this draft plan supporting?

Movement Strategy Recommendations

Recommendation #6

Invest in skills and leadership development.

What activities have you completed to produce this draft plan?

We completed The project

Deepening Community Engagement on Movement Strategy Implementation

Project Activities


In which community channels have you announced your draft plan?

  • Wikimedia User group Nigeria community channels.

  • Igbo Wikimedians User group Community Channels.

  • Wikimedia Anambra Network community channels.
  • Senior Citizens community channels.
  • Thematic groups/ project channels.
  • Meta-wiki


Grant funds spent[edit]

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

Research (team planning):$200 Facilitation (facilitation time):$300

Documentation ( time spent documenting of discussion, post-meeting work):$200

Translation (translation costs for movement Strategy Initiatives):$250

Coordination (coordinators work to prepare for meeting ):$250

Online tools or services (subscription services for online meeting platforms, social media promotion):250

Data (internet or mobile costs for organizers and participants):$300

Venue or space for meeting (costs of renting a physical meeting space):= $761.4

Transportation costs (costs for organizers or participant transport ):$250

Meals (costs refreshments, lunches, or other meals during in-person activities):$4.4* 50*7 = $1540

Other: Child care support,Roll up movement Strategy banner :$100

TOTAL AMOUNT Spent USD:$4401.4

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any remaining grant funds?

Not at all

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project?

As the Movement Strategy is a collaborative effort to imagine and build the future of the Wikimedia Movement. We aimed at involving community members to contribute in building this future. We raised awareness and encouraged community members on Movement Strategy initiatives implementation and advanced movement strategy participation. feedbacks on the evaluation reports showed that the project increased Community knowledge and participation .