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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2018-19 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.


Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went? Yes, We meet our goal completely. We are very happy because the programme went very well and very good reponse was created after this event.


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
50 new editors 100+ new editors We conducted a series of events to celebrate Malayalam wikipedia birthday from 21st December 2018 to 21st January 2018. New Users are created with various events in this time.[1][2][3]
50 supporting members 75 Existing Editors 150 people registered for the event and 172 people participated in the event.[4]
100 New Articles 195 New Articles about geography of Kerala We organized an online edit-a-thon to write about villages in Kerala called "Ente Gramam"(My Village) 195 articles created in this project.[5][6] And 57 articles expanded with details.[7] 87 users participated in this event.[8]
100 New Photographs 625 New Photographs[9] We conducted a 3 session photowalk event called Wiki Loves Muziriz to cover the historical sites around Kodungallur and Kottappuram. The event was a grant success and we covered all important historical places near Kodungallur.[10]
5 Events 6 Events Malayalam Wikipedia Birthday celebration event was organized at 4 different places of Kerala. A Wikimedia exibition was done at near by school Kottappuram.[11] An event to introduce Wikipeida to press also conducted at Kodungallur. A number of events was followed by Wikisangamotsavam after that (15+ Events).


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?
  • The event was undergone very well. People and students from local community participated very well. We arranged a special session for the new comers to get a good introduction about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
  • We accomodated almost all the main sessions into the schedule. Some of the topics changed at last minute but the sessions are gone very well. Due to some delay, the sessions are extended to night.
  • Editors from Malayalam Wikipedia community participated well. Various tools and editing methodes are introduced to editors. Lot of questions and doubt clearing sessions are undergone well.
  • Wikidata is introduced to conventional editors. The importance of Wikidata is presented well.
  • The photowalk, Wikijalayatra was very good experience to all the participants on the third day. Lot of photographs taken and uploaded into commons. The team from Muziriz hertiage project taken extra initiative to explain every detail to the participants.
  • Muziriz heritage project and Pattanam Children's Museum are partnered us to give the details and importance of history of Cranganore and Muziriz to the editors.
  • Social gathering of Malayalam Wikipedia editors are gone very well.
  • Wikimedians of Kerala User Group was officialy introduced to the participants and an initial planning about the activities of the UG was undergone.
  • What did not work so well?
  • The planning time for the event was very short. So we cant reach people from other langauges. So we cant make this a multilingual event.
  • Lot of strikes and Harthals was happened at Kerala before the event. So most of the planned programmes in educational institutions happend after the main event.
  • Some of the planned sessions are not undergone due to various reasons like some of the speakers can participate the event, some sessions extended over the time frame allotted. But good discussions about the topics are undergone.
  • Internet glitches and IP filter restricted us from welcome more new editors at the event.
  • In wiki activity at the event was very less.
  • Due to some problems in the financial planning some of the bills are settled after the event.
  • People from other projects like Wikisource, Wikiquote, Wiktionary are very less.
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • Next time we focus on Specified topics like Wikidata to get more exposure.
  • Next time we are planning some in wiki activity sessions so that all the participants especially new comers get some experience on editing and contributing to the projects.
  • Next time we organize the event as special teams like people working on differnet projects. So that all the projects get enough attention.


Grant funds spent[edit]

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

Finance Statement of Wikisangamotsavam 2018
Bill No Date Party Amount (INR) Amount (USD) Description
1 16th Jan 2019 St. Francic De Sales Press 10736 154.716496 Stationaries for WikiSangamotsavam
2 17th Jan 2019 Taj Delight Kallumakkai Restaurant 620 8.93482 Lunch for Pressmeet
3 18th Jan 2019 Angamaly Petrolium Coorporation 200 2.8822 Petrol
4 21st Jan 2019 Kerala History Research Counsil 1000 14.411 Museum Entry Fee
5 21st Jan 2019 Muziris Project Ltd. 11950 172.21145 Boat Trip Fee
6 21st Jan 2019 Portugese Food Destination 347 5.000617 Lunch for Last Day
7 21st Jan 2019 Portugese Food Destination 389 5.605879 Lunch for Last Day
8 21st Jan 2019 Aiswarya Fuels 1000 14.411 Petrol
9 21st Jan 2019 Indian Oil Thiruthipuram 200 2.8822 Petrol
10 2nd Feb 2019 Vikas Auditorium 123250 1776.15575 Food and Accomodation of Participants at Kottappuram
17th Jan 2019 DA for Speakers 5000 72.055 DA given to speakers of the programme
Total 154692 2229.266412
  • The INR to USD Conversion is done using GoogleFinance function in Google Sheets. The rate is at the date of 14th March 2019.

Total project budget: 3986.66 $ (USD) (The budget was readjusted with the availability of sponsorships from various sources by the organizing team)

Total amount requested from WMF: 1985.61 $ (USD)

Total amount received from WMF: 2,031.96 $ (USD) 143,500.00 INR

Total amount spent on the project: 2229.27 $ (USD) 154,692.00 INR

Other Sponsorsips

  • T-shirts for participants are sponsored by CIS-A2K Project.
  • Bags for Participants are sponsored by local sponsors.
  • Banners are sponsored by local sponsors.
  • Balance amount $ 197.31 for the event are also found by local individual sponsorships.

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any remaining grant funds?

No, We don't have any funds remaining.

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project?

Wikisangamotsavam 2018 was the 6th Annual conference of Wikimedians of Kerala and well-wishers of Malayalam Wikimedia projects. The conference was held on 19th and 20th January 2019 at Vikas Auditorium, Kottappuram. The main objective of the event is to increase the Wikimedia offline activities in Kerala, develop skills of the new Wikimedians and bring together all the Wikimedians in Kerala. On the third day, a Boat trip through the historical places of Muziriz was organized with Muziriz heritage project.

Wikimedians of Kerala

Wikisangamotsavam 2018 First Meeting[edit]

The first workshop for the organizing team of Wikisangamotsavam 2018 was held on 1st December 2018 at Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Kodungallur. Adv. T. K. Sujith, Ranjithsiji, Manoj V are organized this meeting. Teachers, Librarians, Officers from different organizations at Kodungallur participated in this event. An organizing committee was formed to conduct Wikisangamotsavam 2018.[12]

Ente Gramam Online Edit-a-thon[edit]

An Online Edit-a-thon was started as a part of the Annual Conference. "Ente Gramam"(My Village) is the Malayalam Wikipedia project to write articles about the villages in Kerala. The campaign was started on 13th December 2018 and ended on 20th January 2019. 195 Articles are created with this event and 57 articles are expanded. 87 users are participated in this online event.[13]

16th Birthday Celebration of Malayalam Wikipedia 2018[edit]

4 different events are organized at 4 different places of Kerala to celebrate 16th Birthday of Malayalam Wikipeida. At Thiruvananthapuram, the birthday celebration was organized as a part of the National Conference on Malayalam Computing at Kerala University Karyavattom Campus. At Kottayam, the celebration was organized at the Kite Headquarters, Kottayam. KITE and DAKF organized this event at Kottayam. At Kodungallur Wikisangamotsavam 2018 organizing team organized the birthday celebration at Govt. KKTM College, Kodungallur. Wikimedians of Kerala user group and Malayalam department of the college co-organized the event. At Kasaragod, the birthday event was organized by KITE at GLPS Paravanadukkam.

Popular news media in Kerala reported these birthday celebrations.

Wiki Loves Muziris Photowalk[edit]

A photo walk through the historical places of Muziris called "Wiki Loves Muziris" was organized in partnership with Muziris project. 3 Sessions of the photo walk were conducted. The first session on 5th January 2019, the second session on 13 January 2019 and the third session on the last day of Wikisangamotsavam 2018 (21st January 2019). Ranjithsiji and KannanVM participate in all sessions. A team of 27 people participated in the last session of the photo walk event. 625 photos of important historical places at Muziris are photographed and uploaded into commons.

Wikimedia Exhibition at Kodungallur[edit]

An exhibition of Wikimedia projects was created based on the slides prepared by Akhilan. The exhibition was organized at nearby schools at Kottappuram before Wikisangamotsavam main event.[14] This exhibition was used at the events followed by Wikisangamotsavam. The materials are kept with Wikimedians of Kerala User Group.

Wikisangamotsavam Press Meet[edit]

A Press meeting was called at Kodungallur on 17 January 2019 at Press Club Kodungallur. Viswaprabha, Ranjithsiji, Manoj V, Ambadyanands and KannanVM participated in this press meet. Viswaprabha explained about Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects and Wikisangamotsavam to the representatives of media persons in this event.

Wikisangamotsavam Day 1[edit]

Wikisangamotsavam 2018 was inaugurated by V.R. Sunil Kumar MLA on 19th January 2019 at Vikas Auditorium, Kottappuram. The inaugural session started at 10 AM. The keynote address was given by Dr P.K. Rajasekharan. Manoj V was given the welcome speech and other speeches are given by Adv. T. K. Sujith (Municipal Secretary, Kodungallur Municipality), Viswaprabha (Wikimedia India Chapter), Tanveer Hassan (WMF Strategy team), R Jaithren (Municipal President, Kodungallur Municipality).

After the inaugural session, the other sessions are split into two. The newcomers and students are directed to the Wikimedia Introduction workshop. This session was handled by Mujeebcpy and Sanu N. A Usual Introduction to Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects are given to the participants. Some new user accounts are created and creating and editing an article was demonstrated.

The experienced editors are led to the conference sessions. The first session Wikimedia Strategy 2030 was taken by Tanveer Hussain (WMF Strategy Team). After that Introduction to Wikidata was taken by Ranjithsiji. Special emphasis was given to Wikidata and the importance of Wikidata in Wikimedia projects. A detailed demonstration about how to edit Wikidata was given at this session.

After the Wikidata Session Dr K. H. Hussain taken a presentation about Malayalam Language Computing and Font Making. After this session Achu Kulangara taken a presentation about Education portal for Malayalam Wikipedia. After this KannanVM took a session about OpenStreetMap and Wikidata. At the end of this session Anwar Sadath, Executive Director of Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE), formerly IT@School Project joined for an Open forum about Wikipedia in Education. A resolution for taking steps to publish Educational books created by Govt. of Kerala in Creative Commons license was discussed and passed at this session.[15]

Wikisangamotsavam Day 2[edit]

On Wikisangamotsavam Day 2 the first session was opened as a panel discussion about the history of Kodungallur. Prof. P. S. Manoj, E. D. Davis are given talks about various aspects of the history of Kodungallur. Dr Midhun C Sekher given a detailed presentation about the Muziris Heritage Project and its goals.

There was a parallel track for new Wikipedia editors on the other room. This introductory session was handled by Mujeebcpy. Students from nearby schools and colleges have participated in this event.

After the panel discussion, Ambadyanands has taken a detailed presentation about Wikidata tools. He demonstrated various tools built upon Wikidata to edit it. After this session, Mujeebcpy has taken a presentation about various user scripts and tools to edit Wikipedia. This session was very useful to expert editors in Malayalam Wikipedia. After this session, Anilnkv was taken a presentation about free knowledge and free culture. After this Zuhair Ali introduced Wikimedia Commons and various tools to upload photos to commons. The next session was taken by Adv. T. K. Sujith about copyright laws.

At the end of the second-day comments and suggestions about Wikisangamotsavam was discussed by the participants.

Wikisangamotsavam Day 3 Wikiboat trip[edit]

The final day of Wikisangamotsavam was opened with the boat trip through the various important destinations of the Muziris project. 32 people participated in this boat trip. Paravoor Synagogue, Pattanam Children's Museum, Sahodaran Ayyappan Memorial, Manjunath Church, Pallippuram, Munambam, Kottappuram Fort on this full day trip. At the end of the day, Dr Midhun C. Sekher explained about the buried history of Cranganore and Muziris at Kottappuram Fort.

Wikisangamotsavam officially ended on 21st January 2019 evening. We considered this edition of Wikisangamotsavam as one of the greatest events happened in the community of Wikimedians of Kerala. Enthusiasm and response from the community and the local people were tremendous. We conducted a series of events to spread the spirit of Wikimedia further.

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