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Project Grants This project is funded by a Project Grant

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Report accepted
This midpoint report for a Project Grant approved in FY 2017-18 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Welcome to this project's midpoint report! This report shares progress and learning from the grantee's first 3 months.


In a few short sentences or bullet points, give the main highlights of what happened with your project so far.

Though, we have experienced series of delay resulting from clash of activities between our Wikimedia in Residence and our partner. Yet, the program have uploaded over hundred images. See c:Category:Wikipedian in Residence at Goge Africa with the promise to engage members of our community on mass uploading in the month of march. Also, agreement has been reached in principle with some of our network partners for the use of the uploaded media for new and improvement of existing articles. Our plan is to use the contents on Yoruba, Igboa and Hausa Wikipedia.

Methods and activities[edit]

How have you setup your project, and what work has been completed so far?

Describe how you've setup your experiment or pilot, sharing your key focuses so far and including links to any background research or past learning that has guided your decisions. List and describe the activities you've undertaken as part of your project to this point.

  • Arrangement for staff training have been concluded and this would take place in February 2018.
  • Over 100 images have been uploaded. We plan to massively upload images in February
  • Arrangement about participation of other partners have concluded
  • Arrangement for training of other participants have been concluded

Our key focuses so far is

  • Working with other Wikimedians in writing contents for the images uploaded
  • Get African cultural image uploaded to Commons and train their staff on how to contribute to Wikimedia projects.
  • Work on staff and other partners to ensure full participation and becomes a full fledged Wikipedians.

Midpoint outcomes[edit]

What are the results of your project or any experiments you’ve worked on so far?

Please discuss anything you have created or changed (organized, built, grown, etc) as a result of your project to date.

  • We have uploaded over 100 images even though, massive uploading would take place in march 2018
  • We have secure approval of three major network partners that would work with us


Please take some time to update the table in your project finances page. Check that you’ve listed all approved and actual expenditures as instructed. If there are differences between the planned and actual use of funds, please use the column provided there to explain them.

Then, answer the following question here: Have you spent your funds according to plan so far? Please briefly describe any major changes to budget or expenditures that you anticipate for the second half of your project.

Total grant money spent[edit]

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Wikipedian in Residence compensation 3 month 3 600 1800 USD The Wikipedian in Residence was compensated for the month of November 2017, December 2017 and January 2018
2 Transportation Transportation of Wikipedian in Residence and two other community for meetings 7 7 10 70 USD 70 usd was spent on transportation for various meeting with the management of Goge Africa and other network partner. This is from our contingency cost
3 Phone calls Phone calls 15 USD This was spent on phone calls


The best thing about trying something new is that you learn from it. We want to follow in your footsteps and learn along with you, and we want to know that you are taking enough risks to learn something really interesting! Please use the below sections to describe what is working and what you plan to change for the second half of your project.

  • We have held various meeting and this help the organization to understand what is expected from them as the program proceed.
  • We are constantly in touch with the management of the organization even thou, they are not in the country to show our level of commitment and this help to build the confidence of our partner in us.
  • Our Wikipedian in Residence in fact

attended a social event organized by the founder of the organization and he was happy that we honored their invitation. One of our goals is to build a strong relationship with the organization and so far, we have been able to build a cordial relationship.

What are the challenges[edit]

What challenges or obstacles have you encountered? What will you do differently going forward? Please list these as short bullet points.

  • Difficulty in scheduling a meeting with the the management of the organization
  • Change in the project event timeline due to unavailability of the organization program officer, who often move around with the executive director.
  • Going forward, we will engage our experienced editors in both uploading of photos and article creation until they returned for training and massive upload and content creation
  • We will continue to give them relevant information on the progress of the project.

What is working well[edit]

What have you found works best so far? To help spread successful strategies so that they can be of use to others in the movement, rather than writing lots of text here, we'd like you to share your finding in the form of a link to a learning pattern.

  • Your learning pattern link goes here

Next steps and opportunities[edit]

What are the next steps and opportunities you’ll be focusing on for the second half of your project? Please list these as short bullet points. If you're considering applying for a 6-month renewal of this grant at the end of your project, please also mention this here.

  • We will focus on training of staff and other organizations that have shown interest in participating
  • Uploading of contents
  • Creation of articles for uploaded images
  • Media coverage of projects and events

Grantee reflection[edit]

We’d love to hear any thoughts you have on how the experience of being an grantee has been so far. What is one thing that surprised you, or that you particularly enjoyed from the past 3 months?

One thing I enjoyed most in the past three months is the readiness of my community members for task allocated to them. They are usually available for meetings at any time. This really makes me happy.