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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!



th.wikipedia, Thai language sister projects, Wikimedia Commons


Conference about education
Conference about translation
Interview for Italian blog page

Since I join Wikimania conference for a first time. It make me to have many new knowledge.

As of an admin in Thai language sister projects. I think I can led my community to grow up in good way both of online and offline activities.

Activities : I standby in "Wikidata:WikiProject Olympics" with other participants to help in this. And in real world I am one of volunteer and board in "Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in Thailand".

Discussion : I have planned to invite volunteer in my community to transfer some public domain photo from th.wikipedia to Commons Wikimedia because I think this historical or important photos can be useful to insert to any page of Wiki.

Sister projects : We effort to open "th.wikivoyage" and reopen "th.wikinews" again. If there is a chance.

Technique tools : In fact; There are very few technical experts in Thai language sister projects. However; I always adjust some tools or code for easy to use in their communities by advised from those with previous experience.

Media : I interviewed for local radio channel about this conference at Lake Como and also interviewed for Italian blog page together with Krish Dulal (Nepali Wikimedian) in Esino Lario.

Photos : As an amateur photographer, I also uploaded a lot of photos from this conference to Wikimedia Commons.

Growth : Since I am an admin in Thai language sister projects. (th.wikipedia, th.wiktionary, th.wikibooks, th.wikiquote and th.wikisource) I led this project to really grow up both in quality and quantity. And after this conference I hope I can help to develop all of this projects in good way.


  • With ShangKuan Liang-chih (Taiwanese Wikimedian) : We consult about Chinese language translation and articles about China (As Chinese are the most of people in the world.) And he also suggest me to join "Hackathon" conference if there's a chance.
  • With Addis Wang (Chinese Wikimedian) : He advised me to join in "Wikipedia Asian Month" activity in this year.
  • With Lane Rasberry (Wiki Project Med) : We talk to about articles medicine and cancer as knowledge to safe life for all of people. Especially in หมวดหมู่:องค์กรมะเร็ง (Category:Cancer organizations in Thai language) as I created most of articles.
  • With Krish Dulal (Nepali Wikimedian) : He introduce me to write scholarship applicant join in "Wiki Conference India" in the future if possible.
  • With Bohdan Melnychuk (Ukrainian Wikimedian) : We talk about "Wikidata" and economic between Thailand and Ukrain.

Since I have met with the friendliness of the local people. I feel very happy.

And I met new Wikimedian friends from many countries. This is our relationship and good memories.

It is useful to communicate for many projects and activities.

Anything else[edit]

It useful very much about :

  • education
  • public health
  • environment
  • technology
  • economy
  • art and culture

I confirm for this valuable experience is can make me to help many people be better lifestyle in all of and sex and age.


Thank you to Wikimedia Foundation