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Welcome back from Wikimania 2017!



Wikipedia in Spanish.


The most important thing that happened to me were the beginning of very important projects: One was that when I met User:Camelia.boban from Italy (whom I already knew) and Armine Aghayan User:Armineaghayan from Armenia, we decided to begin our own project:Interwiki Women Collaboration.

Other one was the initiation of the project Muj(lh)eres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia. Several women from latinoamerica are already interested and I had the opportunity to meet the AFFCOM at Wikimania.

Another project is a collaboration with User:Reem Al-Kashif to promote cultural exchange between latinamerican women and arabs women: Wikiproyecto Mujeres árabes.

I also met User:Millars and we decided to organice the Edithaton of Women Arquitects in Spain and Argentina at the same time. With Iberocoop we organiced MENA Latin contest.

I also began to write an article for the Wikimedia blog, Wikimedia Blog/Drafts/Wikiquote at the hospital, because Jake Orlowitz invited me to do it after he saw my work. At Wikimania I showed a poster about my Grants:Project/Rapid/Jaluj/Wikiquote at the hospital/Report.


With Remux (Colombia) and Montgomery (Spain)

I tried to participate in as many talks as possible, I had the oportunity to know about the existence of Wikitonges, I learned many projects that I did not even know that existed, but the most important issue for me it was to meet with so many great wikimedians, many I already knew (and I had the opportunity to make stronger relationships) and some whom I did not know.

I've been at WikiWomen's Lunch. I attended several meetings. I had the opportunity to talk again with User:SPoore (WMF)(whom I already knew), User:Seeeko (whom I already knew), User:Rohini (whom I already knew), User:MCruz (WMF)(whom I already knew), Vassia Atanassova (User:Spiritia whom I already knew), Sherry Antoine (whom I already knew) and Christel Steigenberger User:Kritzolina (whom I already knew and I really wanted to talk again with her about my project Wikiquote at the hospital). User:Kritzolina introduced me Jackiekoerner because she has interest in people with disabilities and my presentation was about psychiatric patients. The dissertation for her PhD was about the lived experiences of people with disabilities and she was visiting scholar with the Wiki Education Foundation focusing on representation of disability culture and history on Wikipedia. She told me about her project to investigate the Impact of Implicit Bias on Wikipedia.

I had the honor of meeting User:Jmvkrecords, who lives in Canada but is an admnistrator in Spanish Wikipedia.. I met User:Dan scott, a systems librarian at Laurentian University, who delivered a workshop for librarians and archivists. He was very interested in my projects with editahons with women architects. I also met User:Anasuyas, whom I already knew. I could meet User:Liridon, who had helped me to create Women Wikiproject in Albanian Wikipedia last year with Greta Dolci, but I didn't know him in person.

I went to the WCNA2017 Canadian Women Meetup and could talk with User:Rosiestep, whom I already knew, about Women in Red.

The Iberocoop meeting was very important because I could meet a lot of wikimedian from all the Spanish speaking countries. Many of them I already knew but there were new people for me. We decided to organice a contest with WikiArabia to translate articles from Arab to Spanish, a global contest for cultural exchange between Latin America and the Middle East & North Africa regions, MENA Latin contest. We also talked about preparing a poll for latinoamerican countries. We insisted on asking the foundation for more support for simultaneous translations, headphones and translations on the screens. We talked about the strategy of the movement, something that we had been doing for a long time in Telegram.

I met Jessie Mi JM99 from Wikiwomen Taiwan, who told me about what they are doing with the gender gap in chinese wikipedia, and talked with Liang-chih Shang Kuan, user Shankuanic. User:Reem Al-Kashif told me about the Arabic Wikipedia, Wikimedia Egypt and women.

I had the opportunity to talk with Karen Brown and Patrick Earley. Karen invited me to join the Ombuds Commission and I told her that I am interested in serving on this commission. We talked about antiharassment tools and the community health initiative. I was talking with Patrick Earley about a report of harrasment, because an user has been harassing me.

I met User:Maxdalenareiter. She told me about her work Open Commons Linz, which advocates for digital opennes and organice hackatons for children in Linz and I love it. Wonderful work.

I met Rosa Iris Rovira User:R89Rovira, a Wikimedian in residence at Library and Archives Canada who told me about her work there.

I knew Archeolucia and Luca Martinelli (User:Sannita) from Wikimedia Italy. With User:Sannita we are thinking about organicing an editathon.

User:Mlemusrojas, a Metadata Librarian at the IUPUI University Library who comes from Cuba, was very interested in the possibility of creating a group of latinoamerican women. I introduced her another girl from Cuba, so may be they can do something together. User:Góngora, we knew each other, but he lives in Norway.

I spent long time with the wikimedians of Spain and I had the opportunitty to know Vanbasten. We had a lot of talks about Wikipedia in Spanish and our problems, about Wikimedia Spain and about Iberocoop and our contests. Another wikimedian from Spain is User:Rodelar. We were thinking about many new projects. I didn'not him and I also could know Montgomery. User:Ivanhercaz and User:Santamarcanda are also from WMSpain.

User:EGalvez (WMF) promised me to help me with metrics. User:VMasrour (WMF) explained me about the education program.

I was also talking with User:Satdeep Gill, whom I already knew. But I didn't know User:Rodrigo Padula. We talked about organicing something about the education program with women and he promised me to introduced me to some wikipedian from Brazil. User:Susannaanas was my roommade and whe found that we have a lot in common.

I also met User:Remux from Colombia and we talk about different prtojects that we could do, specially with women.

I met User:Vsuarezp, from Wikipedia in Asturian, and we decided to do an activity together in both languages, Spanish and Asturian, about canadian women.

Anything else[edit]

Due to all those people that I met for the first time, all those people that I met again (because I already knew them) but they live very far away from my home, and because I believe that my presentation was a great succes because a lot of people read my poster and asked me questions, I've return home very satisfied with Wikimania. Wikimania was very exciting for me. With most of those wikimedians I am still in touch. To meet so many wikimedians, doing so many interesting things around the world, renew my energies to continue creating new projects.