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Is a global contest for cultural exchange between Latin America and the Middle East & North Africa regions.


  • Time: October 1st - October 31st 2017.
  • Topic: All articles related to Latin America and the Middle East whether they concern geography, history, culture or other aspects of those countries. Each country will choose 10 to 20 articles to represent those areas as diversely as possible.
  • Participants: Members of Wikiprojects in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Persian and Turkish.
  • Prizes: Two 150$ prizes for one participant from Latin America and one from the Middle East.
  • Organizing committee: to be announced.
      • Would like to add my name here.

How to participate[edit]

  • Choose articles to create or expand from the lists provided below (10 - 20 articles provided from each country).
  • Work on articles that cover countries other than your own.
  • If you expand an article that was already existent on your language project, you should add to it at least 2,000 bytes.
  • If you create a new article, it must be at least 5,000 bytes in size.

Winning criteria[edit]

  • The winners will be announced according to their accumulated points in the following system:
    • Articles created or improved (10 points each).
    • Pictures uploaded (2 points each).