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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!


Pratyya Ghosh

Bengali Wiki


Hello guys, I'm Pratyya Ghosh and this was the first time that I attended Wikimania as well as any kind of Wikimedia arranged Conference. It was the first time, Wikimania went outdoor. Per me it was really great!

Now question is, What are the outcomes of my joining to Wikimania 16?

Wikipedia Library[edit]

Finally I understood and had a proper pattern/knowledge how to run the Bengali Wikipedia Library. The Bengali Wikipedia Library, local branch of Wikipedia Library was opened by me but I didn't have the idea how exactly I can run that project. After meeting with Alex Stinson Astinson) and joining to his session I got the road-map to run this project.

Bengali Wikipedia Meetup[edit]

I attended the Bengali Wikipedia meetup where we discussed about three important matters of Bengali Wikipedia. 5 People from Bangladesh, 1 from India and Lane Raspberry was present at that meetup.

Wikimedia SAARC meetup[edit]

I attended the Wikimedia SAARC meetup where we discussed about the collaboration of the Wikimedians of SAARC region. Therefore we also talked about the upcoming Wikiconference India at that meetup.

U21 meetup[edit]

Basically in that meetup I discussed about the problems underage users face at Wikipedia and also discussed about how to help them.


Moreover I learnt a lot from the Pywikipediabot session, by which I can later help my language project. Also I worked a while with Amir for the Language Tool at Bengali Wiki and let him know what more can be done to make this tool real effective for Bengali

Finally I shared my experiences with other users through local mailing lists. Also you can see the news coverage of us about Wikimania.


Since it was my first Wikimania I met many new people there. But I want to talk about two users specially. I remember talking to a veteran Dutch Wikipedian (forgot the name) who is very active at Wikipedia, and an Israeli Wikipedia (forgot the name) who was working on school projects at her country. Still I met many users at the Wikimania. I'm writing their names below; ( I have a real life problem -> I can't remember names. So people if you think you have met me and I haven't mentioned you, please feel free to add your name on the list)

  1. User:HJ Mitchell
  2. User:8ohit.dua
  3. User:Ochilov
  4. User:Saileshpat
  5. User:Hindustanilanguage
  6. User:AddisWang
  7. User:Base
  8. User:Satdeep Gill
  9. User:Bodhisattwa
  10. User:DerHexer


Anything else[edit]