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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!



Historically, my home wiki is fr.wp (but I edit on many other wikis, see SUL info)


Mix of Option 1: Shared Experience: and Option 3: New Creation:

During the hackathon, the wikisourcerers gathered in Room 12. Most people worked on technical stuff, as my coding skills are quite low, I passed most of the time doing bridge to pass knowledge. I spent a lot of times discussing and demonstrating the wonderful applications and implications of connecting Wikidata to Wikisource. As I know them well, I teach how to use two tools query.wikidata.org (for extracting data from Wikidata) and quick statements (for importing data into Wikidata). Some people who didn't know Wikidata before are now able to edit by themselves.


I met more people than I can remember and that what's great about Wikimania, it's an endless encounter of awesome people.

The better connections I made was :

  • Spiritia is probably the most impactful encounter I had, I'm now a victim of #100wikidays
  • with wikisourcerers during the hackathon and afterwards, nothing worth a good face-to-face discussion to discuss about problem and solve them : Tpt, Aubrey, jberkel, Samwilson, Ernest-Mtl, Coren, 8ohit.dua, Bodhisattwa, Satdeep Gill, Nemo bis (and I probably forgot some wonderful folks, sorry).
  • french-speaking people ; I already known most of them but it's good to meet them again, I enjoyed the WikiFranca meetup. A special mention for the deep-meaningful-enlightning discussions I had with Noé and for Anthere and M0tty (who didn't see since Wikimania 2014)
  • plushies \o/ It can seem silly but it's a lovely and friendly way to meet new people!

I didn't give a talk this year and it allow me to not think about it and to be more available to do other things

Anything else[edit]

Blog posts in French on blog.wikimedia.fr :