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Grants:PEG/WM UA/Programs in Ukraine 2012/Report

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Report accepted
This report for a Project and Event grant approved in FY 2012-13 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • You may still comment on this report on its discussion page, or visit the discussion page to read the discussion about this report.
  • You are welcome to Email grants at wikimedia dot org at any time if you have questions or concerns about this report.

Compliance and completion[edit]

Did you comply with the requirements specified by WMF in the grant agreement?
Answer YES or NO.
Is your project completed?
Answer YES or NO.
Did you use any of the grant funds?
Answer YES or NO.

Activities and lessons learned[edit]

This section describes what the grantee did, and what the grantee learned from implementing the project. This section should be useful to others implementing similar projects and is an opportunity for the grantee to reflect on the project's performance.


Provide a detailed list of activities performed to complete this project, descriptions of these activities, and the amount of time spent on each activity. This section should also include a list of participants, or a link to pictures, blog posts, or videos from the project or event.


Participants of the Wikiconference
  • The event took place on April 27–29, with approximately 25 people taking part, including guests from Russia.
  • The program of the conference is available here. An incomplete list of participants is here
  • The venue for the conference as well as organizational help were provided by Karazin Kharkiv National University, NPO “Postup” and Charitable Fund Rennaissance.
  • WikiConference was well covered by media. A press conference took place on April 27 just after the official opening of the event, and on April 28 four members of Wikimedia Ukraine were invited to Kharkivska Dukhovyna program at Nova Khvylia radio station.
Prize-winners and participants of Wiki Loves Monuments
Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Ukraine[edit]
  • Activists prepared lists of 41,466 monuments, including some 5,287 that were geolocalized on the interactive map.
  • During the contest 33,177 photos were uploaded, picturing 7,125 cultural heritage monuments from all regions of Ukraine. 648 participants participated in the contest in Ukraine, most of whom were new users.
  • Ukraine was fourth out of 35 countries in the final ranking on user activity.
  • The award ceremony was held on November 4 in the Education and Culture Centre “Master Klass” in Kyiv (blog post about the ceremony).
  • Best works were presented on the photo exhibitions in Kyiv and Mukacheve (see report here), and were published in the souvenir photograph album that was presented in Kyiv in January 2013.
GM 2012 attendees
WMUA GM[edit]
  • The general meeting of Wikimedia Ukraine took place on December 15 2012
  • 25 members attended and 12 were represented by others (photos of participants are on Commons)
  • 4 other wikipedians who were not WMUA members attended, 3 of them have joined Wikimedia Ukraine after the meeting
  • Decisions: new Board and Auditing Committee members were elected, 2012 board report and 2013 annual plan were approved
Article writing contests and weeks[edit]
“Writing about Philanthropy” Contest[edit]
  • The contest was held in December 2011–January 2012 with the support of the Philanthropists' Association of Ukraine. It was dedicated to writing articles on the topics related to philanthropy, such as history of philanthropy, notable philanthropists, charities, charitable programs etc. The “big” jury was headed by the President of the Philanthropists' Association of Ukraine Oleksandr Maksymchuk, and its members included the ex-First Lady of Ukraine and head of the Supervising Board of the Fund “Ukraine 3000” Kateryna Yuschenko, media-expert Andriy Kulykov and historian Vitaliy Kovalynskyi.
  • 159 articles were created and improved and a total of more than 2MB of content were added.
  • The joint press-conference and award ceremony were held on March 1. During the event winners were awarded valuable prizes: a notebook, e-books and fiction books.
The winner of the “Writing about Transcarpathia Together” contest with his prize
“Writing about Transcarpathia Together” Contest[edit]
  • The contest was held in November–December 2012 and was co-organised by Wikimedia Ukraine and businessman Andriy Baloha. The subject of this contest was writing articles about history, cultural heritage and prominent figures of Zakarpattia Oblast in Ukrainian Wikipedia. This contest also featured a parallel photo contest, aimed to invite users to upload to Wikimedia Commons their free-licensed photos of Zakarpattia.
  • 287 new articles were written, other 74 articles were improved and 341 new images were uploaded.
  • The award ceremony was held in Mukacheve, Zakarpattia Oblast on January 5, 2013; the winners received valuable prizes, such as tablets for best contributions to articles and a digital camera for the highest number of images uploaded, as well as other presents.
“Mykolaiv Spring” Contest[edit]
  • The contest was held in March-April 2013 and was co-organized by Wikimedia Ukraine and Oksana Yanishevska. The subject of this contest was writing articles about history, cultural heritage and prominent figures of Mykolaivska Oblast in Ukrainian Wikipedia. This contest also featured a parallel photo contest, aimed to invite users to upload to Wikimedia Commons their free-licensed photos of Mykolaivska Oblast.
  • 257 articles were created or improved and 1127 new images were uploaded.
  • The award ceremony was planned to be held in Mykolaiv in May–June 2013, but, unfortunately the organizers were not able to do it. Now we are going to contact them and to see what can be done about it.
International collaboration weeks[edit]

Three international collaborations weeks were held:

  • Ukrainian-Estonian: 225 articles created, 25 articles improved, 46 templates created (November–December 2012)
  • Ukrainian-Armenian: 252 articles created, 24 articles improved, 65 templates created, 8 files uploaded (February–March 2013)
  • Ukrainian-Macedonian: 341 articles created, 11 articles improved, 17 templates created, 29 files uploaded (February 2013)


Wikiworkshop at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

In 2012 we launched a new project, dedicated to collaboration with Ukrainian universities. This project aims to encourage professors and students to use Wikipedia in educational process. More specifically, students will be able to write Wikipedia articles instead of traditional review papers.

Andrushivka Astronomical Observatory

In 2012 were held four collective and three individual expeditions, supported by Wikimedia Ukraine:

  • Bila Tserkva, Vasylkiv and Fastiv Raions of Kyiv Oblast (April 30 – May 3, individual cycling expeditions): ukwiki, 21 cities and villages
  • Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (May 11), during the expedition our members discussed collaboration with the historical reserve direction and met the artist Mykola Siadrystyi: commons
  • Hadiach and Myrhorod Raions of Poltava Oblast (during “Diachenko Manor in Berezova Luka invites” mass cleaning campaign; July 4–9): commons, report, 10 cities and villages
  • Andrushivka, Zhytomyr Oblast (July 21, individual expedition), including discussion on collaboration with Andrushivka Astronomic Observatory: commons
  • Lozova and Krasnohrad, Kharkiv Oblast (August 4–5): commons, report, 4 cities and villages
  • Bohodukhiv, Kharkiv Oblast (August 2, individual expedition)[1]
  • Lypovets Raion, Vinnytsia Oblast (November 3–4), with participation of local archivists and historians: commons, report, 25 cities and villages

These expeditions helped us upload more than 700 photos and improve over 50 articles.

A joint Wikiexpedition in Macedonia was organized with Wikimedia Macedonia. The main result of the expedition was the organization of February 4–17, 2013 Wiki week Ukrainian-Macedonian cooperation, during which created 341 article in Ukrainian and 65 in the Macedonian Wikipedia.

2013 Ukrainian Wikiexpedition to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

In 2013 were held eight collective expeditions, supported by Wikimedia Ukraine:

  • Mykolaiv (March 15): ukwiki and commons
  • Uzhhorod (April 4): commons
  • Rivne Region (April 6): commons[2], 8 cities and villages
  • Kherson Region (April 23): commons, 12 cities and villages
  • Zmiiv district (May 4): commons
  • Chernobyl Zone (May 24) (1,671 photos, 459 of them with Grant camera), 6 cities and villages
  • Walking Wikiexpedition in Kyiv – "Universytet Metro station – Lukyanivska Metro station" (June 16) 400 photos with Grant camera
  • Simferopol-Bakhchysarai-Berehove-Simferopol (June 22-29) commons[3], 16 cities and villages

These expeditions helped us upload more than 3000 photos and improve over 50 articles. Studies of these expeditions are still going on.

Le Faucon opera by Bortniansky[edit]
A. Bondarenko and H. Hansbourg with the book

"Le Faucon" opera by Dmitry Bortniansky, mentioned in previous report was published on March 28, 2012. It was presented in several musical institutes of Ukraine, among them Kharkiv University of Arts and Lviv National Music Academy. This book is regarded as the first publication of translated into Ukrainian opera in Ukraine as well as a good confirmation of Wikimedia movement's ability to manage important cultural projects even those that the government could not. The translation into Ukraine was performed by the prominent Ukrainian translator and scientist M. Strikha and has been released under free license. Thus the "Le Faucon" also is regarded as the first free-licensed publication in Ukraine.

This publication arose a significant interest of Ukrainian musicians. It is important to mention at least two concert performances of this opera during 2013 year. On February 17 the Ukrainian-translated "Le Faucon" was premiered in Drohobych state theater[4], and on June 11 it was performed in Hrinchenko University in Kyiv[5]. Both premieres achieved a great success and inspired us to go on with the revival of Ukrainian-translated vocal classical music.

WMUA members, lector of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Pedagogical University and How to Edit Wikipedia manuals
How to Edit Wikipedia manual[edit]

In April 2012 a manual on editing Wikipedia for newbies was brought out.

  • On 44 pages main policies of Wikipedia are explained, as well as some pieces of advice on writing articles and uploading images is provided.
  • Distributed to the libraries, as well as among journalists, faculty and other individuals interested in editing Wikipedia.
  • Actively distributed to the participants of workshops and WMUA events
  • Manual was also presented on the stand of Ukrayinska Perspektyva publishing house at en:Lviv Book Forum.
Wiki Loves Monuments photographs album[edit]
Yevhen Buket presenting WLM photograph album on press-conference in January 2013
  • Appeared in print in the end of December 2012 as a result of the eponymous contest, presented on press-conference in January 2013
  • Features best photos of the contest, winners in the main nomination, as well as best photos from all regions of Ukraine.
  • The information on the major projects and activities of Wikimedia Ukraine is provided in the album as well
  • Distributed to prize-winners and participants of Wiki Loves Monuments, journalists and potential partners
  • High-quality promotional publication, was very successful both nationally and internationally. Helped us to find a lot of partners, including many who have participated in Wiki Loves Earth 2013
Permission from the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Permissions to Publish the Materials under Free licenses[edit]
  • One of the major achievements of the year on the national level is obtaining permission for the use of materials of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine under the free license Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike. It would allow to improve at least a few hundreds Wikipedia articles.
Grant camera[edit]

Grant camera with accessories was purchased.

  • List of equipment: Nikon D5100 kit camera, 3 lenses (Nikkor 18-55 VR, NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX, NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4 -5.6 IF-ED AF-S DX VR), protective filters, flash, tripod, charger, batteries, bag and lens cleaning pen.
  • Used to cover 20 events between December 2012 (date of purchase) and June 2013: from events (incl. Wikiexpeditions) organized by Wikimedia Ukraine to exhibitions and film premieres.
  • Used by 6 wikimedians to cover events in 5 different cities / towns
  • Over 3,000 photos taken with the camera have been uploaded to the Commons

Lessons learned[edit]

What lessons were learned that may help others succeed in similar projects? Consider the following questions and respond with 1–2 paragraphs.
What went well?
Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Ukraine was a success, cycling wikiexpeditions were discussed and approved as a form of wikiexpeditions, three more article contests were held and more are still expected, international collaboration is developing (weeks mostly), new partners were found. We have published three books during this period. WEP is developing, but it needs even more time and efforts. The buying of Grant Camera was a success too, as it allowed to picture events and notable people (1, 2 etc), press coverage was more than satisfactory.
What did not go well?
Wikiconference could have been planned better, with more people attending; wikiexpeditions were not planned regularly.
What would you do differently if you planned a similar project?
There are a lot of things we would do differently now:
  1. Ask for reallocation as soon as there are changes big enough, it is not recommended to wait until the last moment;
  2. A short report (in English preferably) is to be submitted by a person whose expenses were reimbursed or who is responsible for something (including links to commons categories, publications, videos, other materials);
  3. 15 months are too much to cover in a single report, there should be some interim reports here (!). A great idea would be to publish monthly activity reports;
  4. A person responsible is to be responsible for the project to be done, but it doesn't mean that (s)he can use the money as they please, these things are to be discussed beforehand;
  5. A conflict of Interest is to be avoided, we had a very unpleasant situation, when the Organizational Committee awarded some of its own members with bonus payments. This situation was discovered and brought to light by the Auditing Committee, and the ways how to deal with the situation at hand were presented. The OC had no authority to do so, but the WLM contest was a real success, thus the General Meeting was willing to approve these payments and cover them from the organizational budget. This year's WLM OC has no authority to pass the borders of the budget and is to consult with the Board and AC if something is up. We believe that some CoI Policy is to be developed and communication is better organized (now we have a google group, a mailing list, a skype chat and we are trying to make public as much as we can ASAP). And this year's OC consists of 11 volunteers[6] and there is no OC chairman this year, thus people are not led into wrong belief that one person is enough to hold such a contest and its success is this one person's work. We do believe that installing some Wikipedian practices will do us (as the organization) some good;
  6. It is very difficult to measure the impact of a single WMUA project on the community, but it is very important, as only then it is possible to find out which projects are to be supported and which are not. We are to work hard on this;
  7. It is very important to diversify our sources of income, as relying only on WMF is not very good for the stability of our projects. The problem is that the Ukrainian firms are not getting much if they donate (no favorable environment created by law), thus getting them to donate is tricky.

Project goal and measures of success[edit]

This section should reference the project goals and measures of success described in the approved grant submission. See Grants:PEG/WM UA/Programs in Ukraine 2012 to review the goals and metrics listed in the approved submission.

Project goal[edit]

Provide the project goal here.
  • to popularize Wikimedia projects in Ukraine
  • to involve GLAMs, science and ethnographers' associations to Wikimedia movement
Did you achieve your project goal? How do you know your goal was achieved? Please answer in 1 - 2 paragraphs.
Unfortunately, no figures were presented in the grant submission. Thus it is difficult to talk about achievements not vaguely. We have been striving to popularize Wikimedia projects in Ukraine through contests (mostly oriented at newcomers), keep wikipedians already interested (that is what souvenirs are for), by organizing wikiexpeditions, wikizghushchivka and other projects. WEP is very important for us. GLAM was not such a success[7], alas, but we expect to have some results for all our hard work this year.

Measures of success[edit]

List the measures of success exactly as provided in the approved grant submission, and evaluate your project according to each measure listed there.
  • Measures for Wikiexpeditions:
    • number of illustrations uploaded to Commons (per expedition, total): more than 3300
    • number of towns/villages/places documented (total): 109 cities and villages from 12 regions
    • number of articles improved with materials from Wikiexpeditions: more than 70
  • Measures for the camera:
    • number of illustrations made with the camera and uploaded to Commons (per year) over 3,000 (almost all in 2013)
  • Measures for Wiki Loves Monuments:
    • number of participants: 648
    • number of illustrations uploaded to Wikicommons: 33,280
    • number of publications in press: 119
  • Measures for Staff dealing with digitalizing voluminous publications
    • scope of the digitalized free materials: 0 (not funded -> project canceled)
    • number of pages created/improved with such materials: 0 (not funded -> project canceled)

We will consider this project as successful if we achieve further growth of active users, enrichment of our projects with a remarkable number of significant materials.

Provide an overall assessment of how your project went according to these measures.
Wikiexpeditions could have been more successful, but for this they are to be planned regularly. Wiki Loves Monuments photography contest was a very successful project, but a lot of work is to be done still (like we need a lot of articles to insert the images, the images uploaded are to be categorized etc).
If you were to plan a similar project, would you measure it differently? If yes, please explain how.
Yes, we would put numbers.


This section ties this project to Wikimedia's broader goals, and shows what the project accomplished.

What impact did this project have on WMF's mission and the strategic goals? Please answer in 1–2 paragraphs and include specific measures of impact such as the number of readers or editors reached by a particular project, or the number of articles edited or improved.
Stabilize infrastructure
Increase participation
Improve quality
Increase reach
Encourage innovation
There were a lot of projects included in the grant submission, they were all aimed at increasing participation and reach (contests, weeks, wikiexpeditions etc), improving quality and encourage innovations.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures[edit]

This section describes the grant's use of funds


Did you send documentation of all expenses paid with grant funds to grants at wikimedia dot org, according to the guidelines here? Answer "Yes" or "No".
underway (too much documents to be scanned and reviewed)


Please list all project expenses in a table here, with descriptions and dates. Review the instructions here.
These expenses should be listed in the same format as the budget table in your approved submission so that anyone reading this report may be able to easily compare budgeted vs. actual expenses.
Note that variances in the project budget over 20% per expense category must be approved in advance by WMF Grants Program staff. For all other variances, please provide an explanation in the table below.

Budget breakdown (modified)[edit]

The budget submitted was modified three times:

  1. Travels and meals for a Wikiconference and WMUA GM: UAH 13600[8] 11200 ~= USD 1700[8] 1400
  2. Publishing: UAH 32000 ~= USD 4000
  3. Wikiexpeditions: UAH 28000[9] 16000 ~= USD 3500[9] 2000
  4. Acquiring camera and accessories: UAH 12000 ~= USD 1500
  5. Souvenirs: UAH 4800 ~= USD 600
  6. Office supplies: 9600 UAH ~= USD 1200
  7. Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Ukraine: UAH 16000[9] 28000 ~= USD 2000[9] 3500[10]
  8. Bank fees: UAH 2400 ~= USD 300[8]

Detailed breakdown[edit]

Requested Funds (UAH) Used Funds
Description Total Qty Rate (UAH) Total (UAH) Notes Total (USD) Ex.rate WMF funds
1. Travels and meals for a Wikiconference and WMUA GM
1.1 Wikiconference travel 2800.00 25 109.33 2733.29 335.62 0.12279 335.62
1.2 Wikiconference coffee-break 1600.00 25 34.67 866.71 106.42 0.12279 106.42
1.3 Wikiconference hall rent - - - - Was provided by our partners - 0.12279 -
1.4 Wikiworkshops 800.00 1573.51 WEP is to be one of the main directions for the next period 193.21 0.12279 193.22
1.5 WMUA GM Travel 2800.00 2717.60 The event took place in Kyiv history museum 333.69 0.12279 333.69
1.6 WMUA GM Accommodation 3200.00 - 0.12279
1.7 Wikiconference in Moscow - - 2588.15 We are to put into budget some travel expenses for visiting the conferences, this inspires volunteers and exchange of experience and knowledge is very important 317.80 0.12279 -
TOTAL Category 1 11200.00 10479.26 1286.75 968.94
2. Publishing
2.1 Wiki Loves Monuments in Ukraine photo album 20000.00 500 40.41 20203.00 We had to print out extra stickers, as there were not free images used in the album and logos of the partners, but the license of the whole album was cc-by-sa 3.0, without any warnings 2480.73 0.12279 2480.73
2.2 How to Edit Wikipedia manual - 100 27.42 2742.00 142.00 UAH was paid out of WMUA own funds[11] (before the start of the grant period) 336.69 0.12279 319.25
2.3 Le Faucon opera by Bortniansky - 100 100.00 10000.00 8912 UAH - from the previous grant, 1088 UAH - WMUA's share 1227.90 0.12279 -
2.4 Wiki Loves Earth calendar - 50 41.40 2070.00 254.18 0.12279 254.18
2.5 Wikimedia Ukraine Annual Report 2012 - 100 34.35 3435.00 421.78 0.12279 421.78
2.6 Disks - 100 15.5 1550.00 190.32 0.12279 190.32
2.7 Cards, fliers, files etc - 4100 0.81 3325.00 408.28 0.12279 408.28
TOTAL Category 2 32000.00 43325.00 5319.88 4074.54
3. Wikiexpeditions
3.1 Lypovets Raion, Vinnytsia Oblast - 2 943.45 1886.90 231.69 0.12279 231.69
3.2 Wikiexpedition in Macedonia - 2 1106.55 2213.10 A joint Wikiexpedition in Macedonia was organized with Wikimedia Macedonia 271.75 0.12279 271.75
3.3 Hadiach and Myrhorod Raions of Poltava Oblast - 1 77.26 77.26 9.49 0.12279 9.49
3.4 Wikiexpedition to Mykolaiv - 1 248.43 248.43 The agreement to hold the Mykolaiv Spring contest was signed also during this wikiexpedition 30.50 0.12279 30.50
3.5 Wikiexpedition to Uzhhorod - 1 463.72 463.72 The Uzhhorod Museum was visited (GLAM) and the winner of the Writing about Zakarpattia Together contest got his prize 56.94 0.12279 56.94
3.6 Wikiexpedition to Kherson Region - 2 79.79 159.57 Wikiexpedition by bike. The participant decided to get a T-shirt instead of money, and is willing to have more long-distance trips 19.59 0.12279 -
3.7 Wikiexpedition to Chernobyl Zone - 38 369.54 14042.55 1724.28 0.12279 1724.28
3.8 Walking Wikiexpedition in Kyiv - 3 15.00 45.00 it was just a try, to see if such activities would require some minimal support. the expedition took a few hours to prepare (to create a route, to find all the notable buildings and monuments there, to print it out etc.). as it took us almost 7 hours of walking, a bottle (or two) of water is required at least. maybe some cookies. and something hot in autumn 5.53 0.12279 -
3.9 Wikiexpedition to Rivne Region - 2 79.79 159.57 Wikiexpedition by bike 19.59 0.12279 19.59
3.10 Simferopol-Bakhchysarai-Berehove-Simferopol - 5 79.79 398.94 Wikiexpedition by bike 48.99 0.12279 48.99
TOTAL Category 3 16000.00 19695.04 2418.35 2393.23
4. Acquiring camera and accessories
4.1 Camera and accessories - 1 14354.08 14354.08 A camera, additional lenses, external flash, bags, tripod, spare battery, filters, charger, SD-card, cleaner for lenses. 1762.54 0.12279 1762.54
TOTAL Category 4 12000.00 14354.08 1762.54 1762.54
5. Souvenirs
5.1 Wikizghushchivka - 60 20.00 1200.00 147.35 0.12279 147.35
5.2 Badges - 300 2.15 645.00 79.20 0.12279 79.20
5.4 T-Shirts - 140 31.20 4368.00 536.35 0.12279 536.35
5.5 Cups with Logos - 50 25.00 1250.00 153.49 0.12279 153.49
5.6 Pens with Logos - 300 3.20 960.00 117.88 0.12279 117.88
TOTAL Category 5 4800.00 8423.00 1034.27 1034.27
6. Office supplies
6.1 Communication (WLM) - 1 429.63 429.63 Post and phone expenses 52.75 0.12279 52.75
6.2 Cartridge - 1 840.00 840.00 103.14 0.12279 103.14
6.3 Books - 3 500.00 2000.00 245.58 0.12279 245.58
6.4 Accounting (April - December 2012) - 9 595.24 5357.14 We have been paying an accounting firm for 9 months of 2012, then the volunteer was assigned to this task 657.80 0.12279 657.80
6.5 Accounting (January - June 2013) - 6 531.92 3191.49 391.88 0.12279 -
TOTAL Category 6 9600.00 11818.26 1451.16 1059.27
7. Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Ukraine
7.1 Prizes and promotional - 1 8924.64 8924.64 1095.86 0.12279 1095.86
7.2 Travel and meal fees for prizewinners who don't live in Kyiv - 1 2991.66 2991.66 367.35 0.12279 367.35
7.3 A reward for travel and meal for jury members - 1 683.51 683.51 83.93 0.12279 83.93
7.4 Bonuses - 1 9540.85 9540.85 1171.52 0.12279 -
7.5 Additional souvenirs with Wikimedia amd WLM-logos for prize-winners and jury members - 1 4827.86 4827.86 592.81 0.12279 592.81
7.6 "Writing about Transcarpathia" prize - 1 5415.55 5415.55 664.98 0.12279 664.98
7.7 "Wiki Loves Monuments in Ukraine" album distribution (post expenses) - 1 1600.00 1600.00 196.46 0.12279 91.10
TOTAL Category 7 28000.00 33984.07 4172.90 2896.03
8. Bank Fees
8.1 Bank fees 2400.00 15 168.95 2534.24 311.18 0.12279 311.18
TOTAL Category 8 2400.00 2534.24 311.18 311.18
GRAND TOTAL 116000.00 144612.95 17757.02 14500.00

Exchange Rate Calculation[edit]

No. Date Amount (UAH) Exchange Rate (USD/UAH) Amount sold (USD)
1 19-sep-12 36567.00 0.12306 4500
2 15-nov-12 20587.50 0.12143 2500
3 12-dec-12 13764.90 0.12350 1700
4 13-dec-12 12151.50 0.12344 1500
5 29-mar-13 18710.50 0.12293 2300
6 20-may-13 16302.00 0.12268 2000
Total - 118083.40 0.12279 14500

Weighted exchange rate for the grant period: 0.12279

Total project budget (from your approved grant submission)
14500 USD
Total amount requested from WMF (from your approved grant submission, this total will be the same as the total project budget if the WMF grant is your only funding source)
14500 USD
Total amount spent on this project (this total should be the total calculated from the table above)
17757.02 USD (144612.95 UAH)
Total amount of WMF grant funds spent on this project (this total will be the same as the total amount spent if the WMF grant is your only funding source)
14500 USD
Are there additional sources of revenue that funded any part of this project? List them here.
YES. The hall rent was covered by our partners for the Wikiconference and for WMUA General Meeting, and some travel expenses were covered by volunteers themselves, also some work was done on a voluntary basis. WLM 2012 organizational committee decided to award with the bonus payments some of the its volunteers, but as the grant submission did not include such budget lines and the reallocation request was never submitted, WMUA GM decided to approve the payments done and cover them from the organizational budget[11]. Also some post expenses were covered by WMUA.

Remaining funds[edit]

Are there any grant funds remaining?
Answer YES or NO.
Please list the total amount (specify currency) remaining here. (This is the amount you did not use, or the amount you still have after completing your grant.)
If funds are remaining they must be returned to WMF, reallocated to mission-aligned activities, or applied to another approved grant.
Please state here if you intend to return unused funds to WMF, submit a request for reallocation, or submit a new grant request, and then follow the instructions on your approved grant submission.


  1. Unfortunately, no photos were uploaded... Travel expenses were zero, and he decided not to ask for reimbursement
  2. The photos are uncategorized, but some of them are to be moved to Wikipedia, as there is no freedom of panorama in Ukraine
  3. The photos are uncategorized, and there is a need to see if they are to be moved to Wikipedia (because of NoFoP issues)
  4. see the report
  5. see the report
  6. 12 have registered, but 1 is not taking part, as he has his family issues
  7. We had an expedition to NTUU KPI Polytechnic Museum, but no further collaboration followed
  8. a b c a new budget category was added
  9. a b c d Grants talk:WM UA/Programs in Ukraine 2012#Request for funds reallocation
  10. two lines were added into the category
  11. a b WMUA own funds consists of donations and contributions, memberships dues. See our annual report for 2012