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Report accepted[edit]

Dear Saintfevrier,

Thank you for submitting this Final Report. Since we are in the middle of our organizational staff retreat this week, I won't have a chance to comment on this Report until later, but I am going ahead and accepting it now to make sure that everything is order for you to move forward with your Wikimania Scholarship application. There's a slim possiblity I may still need to ask you for one or two small things once I have a chance to do a closer review, but in general, I am confident you have completed your obligations for this project and Janice has confirmed that your receipts are in order, so this grant can soon be closed out.

I very much enjoyed the opportunity that this grant provided for me to accompany you for a period on this interesting and beautiful project. Your passion and deep care for your participants was lovely to witness, and I am inspired by your ongoing commitment to exploring ways this concept might be expanded in the movement.

Many of us are so glad that will be coming to Wikimania this year.

Congratulations on completing this project.

Warm regards,

--Marti (WMF) (talk) 03:00, 24 January 2018 (UTC)

Thank you![edit]

Dear Marti, thank you so much for accepting the report, and for your warm and kind thoughts about Wikitherapy! Please feel free to mention anything you think I could do that would add value to the report. It was a pleasure working with you, and I will take the opportunity here to thank you for all your ongoing support throughout this project, and through the other difficulties that occurred in the meantime. You are a wonderful person and I am proud and happy to have met you... and hopefully - pending success of the application - we will meet again, at yet another Wikimania! All the best, Mina :-) --Saintfevrier (talk) 21:57, 25 January 2018 (UTC)