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GAC members who support this request[edit]

GAC members who support this request with adjustments[edit]

  1. Support, I think you need to plan for more assistants - 3-5 to 120 people is not nearly enough though. Alleycat80 (talk) 06:14, 11 August 2015 (UTC)
  2. MADe (talk) 17:43, 11 August 2015 (UTC)
  3. No reasons to object. Polimerek (talk) 19:33, 15 August 2015 (UTC)

GAC members who oppose this request[edit]

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GAC comments[edit]

2 minor comments[edit]

Hi, I just voted support up there ^ ^ - I want to highlight two things:

A) You need far more than 3-5 people to support a 100+ people event. The ration we found useful is 1-8 or 1-10, the smaller the better. B) I think you ought to plan to have some PR done around the event, if you want to make more ones in the future and have future funds from outside donors or other institutional help.

Just a friendly suggestion... Alleycat80 (talk) 06:17, 11 August 2015 (UTC)

Thank you for your support!

A) OK, I will call more assistants.
B) We will distribute press materials, and SeMA will contact other university to invite students. --Mineralsab (talk) 08:06, 11 August 2015 (UTC)

So, can I change my grant application during the review?--Motoko C. K. (talk) 05:15, 12 August 2015 (UTC)(I made a mistake.)
So, can I change my grant application during the review?--Mineralsab (talk) 09:27, 13 August 2015 (UTC)

Can I reduce the number of expected attendees? And I will gather more volunteers.--Mineralsab (talk) 12:38, 13 August 2015 (UTC)

We decided to reduce attendees, and hold a pre-event at Yonsei University to promote the main event. --Mineralsab (talk) 14:41, 14 August 2015 (UTC)

Community comments[edit]

WMF comments[edit]

Hi Mineralsab. Thanks for this grant request and your participation in the discussion so far. It’s great to see a request from user group in Korea and we’re excited to support this activity! We have a couple of comments/question on the request and look forward to your responses.

  1. Have you already reached out Ewha Womans University Asian Center for Women's Studies and other universities in Seoul to gauge the student’s level of interest in learning how to edit Wikipedia?
  2. It’s great that you have 5 experienced Wikimedians who will be able to support new editors during the event. Will they also be able to support after the event with on-wiki issues that might arise. For example, helping new editors if their articles are nominated for deletion or they have trouble with citations, etc.?
  3. Do you have an idea about how you’d like to follow-up with the new editors? Add them to a Facebook group or the user group’s mailing list?
  4. If there is a lot of interest at this first event for more opportunities to learn wiki skills, we would suggest thinking about organizing a series of editathons. We’ve found these to be even more effective than one-off events. Here is an example of a grant we recently funded that follows this structure: Edit Ghana.
  5. For your reference, here is more information, tools, and training materials that are helpful for planning editathons.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Cheers, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 22:53, 18 August 2015 (UTC)

Thank you very much, Alex Wang :) Here are my answers.
  1. We have already met a staff of Ewha Womans University Asian Center for Women's Studie to invite women students on August 6. We will also deliver a lecture at Yonsei University tomorrow to promote and explain our event.
  2. Of course. They will help new editors on-wiki. Also, we are checking our list of articles we will edit to prevent deletion or citation troubles.
  3. We will invite them to our conference we will host on November to keep their interest on Wikimedia projects. We have our facebook page, and mailing-list. We will recommend to follow the facebook page or subscribe the mailing-list at the event.
  4. If many students who will attend the event want to learn more, we will plan to following education programs.
--Mineralsab (talk) 07:42, 19 August 2015 (UTC)