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Hello Antanana, NickK, ViraMotorko, and everyone else that contributed to this report. Thank you so much for the high-quality, detailed grant report and for all the amazing work WMUA and your community did in WMUA! We understand with so many activities to report on, creating this document can been challenging and we really appreciate the time and effort put into it. It helps our understanding of not only WMUA's activities and learnings, but how we can share your experiences with others. This report is approved and I have a few questions and comments below and look forward to your responses. Unfortunately, I have not recently read your APG proposal or any progress reports. If my questions are repetitive or can be answered with a link to information in your proposal/reports, please just point me there :)

  1. As you noted, the retention rate from WikiStudia was particularly successful. You concluded that the two-month long series of weekly workshops was an important factor in helping participants develop enough skills to stay active contributors. Did you also do any follow-up online with these participants? You organized a lot of workshops and trainings in 2015 that engaged a large number of new editors. However, the retention from those workshops did not meet your expectations. In 2016 are you doing fewer different workshops, but more series?
  2. Wikiworkshops in Rivne: Focusing on developing editing skills for librarians is a great strategy. Are you continuing to support the librarians (for this project and others focused on librarians or museum researchers)? It would seem like some type of social group (like a Facebook group) might be a good way for the librarians to continue to support each other and for them to receive help from experienced editors.
  3. WikiPhoto in Kharkiv: This is a great idea we hope others can adopt! It sounds like this strategy helped get photos from locations that have been harder to cover in the past.
  4. Great results from the photo grants, especially the Odessa International Film Festival! It’s so nice to have so many notable folks at one event.
  5. It's really exciting to see new ideas for content generation, such as CEE Spring and the European Science Photo Competition, gaining such good traction throughout the region. The participation rates and content numbers are impressive!
  6. It’s useful to hear your experience hiring a part-time PR manager and that you’ve instead decided to replace the position with a Project Manager and part-time Office Manager. Do these two positions cover the work that the PR Manager did or did that work go back to being done by volunteers?
  7. Congrats on another successful local and international Wiki Loves Earth! It’s really nice to see that the subsequent article contest produced such a large number of new articles. We are encouraging all WLE grantees to adopt this model if they have the resources and interest to do so.
  8. We’re curious to know more about the Train the Trainers event at the WikiConference. What type of training did you focus on? Have participants gone on to be able to organize workshops/trainings themselves?
  9. Thank you for all your learnings around better processes and organizations of your events. These tips are helpful for us to provide better guidance to other grantees.
  10. The remaining funds will be deducted from your next APG payment.

Thank you again for this report and all your work. WMUA's ability to support a wide variety of activities that engage both new editors and experienced editors, with mostly volunteer effort is impressive. It's a testament to the strength of your community and inspiration for others. Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 15:42, 12 May 2016 (UTC)

Hi Alex and thank you for your feedback!
  1. We started doing more online follow-up last year, and in particular we specifically focused on this possibility during our recent workshop for teachers in April (where we made sure that online follow-up will be available for all participants). This year we are trying to work, wherever possible, in series of at least two workshops.
  2. I don't think we have any active online community of librarians editing Wikipedia (there was some communication between librarians in Rivne Oblast but I don't think it is an active group), but we are currently trying an approach of a Facebook group for teachers editing Wikipedia (after a workshop we organised for them in April).
  3. We use both ways: we now have a volunteer press secretary who is responsible for all PR of our organisation, and she works both with Project Managers (especially on the projects they are following) and with volunteers to do the PR work.
  4. We have a transcript of the session here (in Ukrainian). The main idea was to discuss what a successful workshop should look like, what works and what does not. Many attendees already tried to organise a workshop at least once, but some attendees did not organise workshops before and started organising after the conference (I think of Helgi, Leonst and Taras_r, perhaps someone else)
Thanks again for your feedback, it is a pleasure for us to learn that our experience is useful and can be helpful for others. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further details — NickK (talk) 16:55, 12 May 2016 (UTC)

On Mykola Lysenko and his contemporaries recordings[edit]

Hi @A1: and thank you for taking your time on this report. Could you please explain this edit stating that there are 8 videos for a total duration of 30 min. of recordings on your channel? Looking at your channel now I see only five videos with durations of 5.45, 3.14, 2.33, 1.54 and 1.42 minutes respectively, for a total of 15 min 8 sec. Perhaps we could have missed one or two videos when we calculated the total duration as 15 min (or they could have been private or not added to this list at that time) but I can't find the remaining three videos for 15 min. Could you please provided the links? Thanks — NickK (talk) 09:30, 17 December 2017 (UTC)

Sorry for delay. Really it seems I was mistaken. These videos was uploaded to youtube under cc license - 1:57, 1:54, 2:33, 5:47, 3:14, 1:34, 1:57, 1:42, 2:32, 3:08, 4:36. So 11 videos (not 8 as I wrote), about 30 min (not 8 min, as was written). --A1 (talk) 10:02, 30 December 2017 (UTC)