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Endorsment from User:ChaloNiZambia (talk)[edit]

  1. Zambian information on Wikipedia is some how short and the fact that this will cover history that is a whole gap that needs to taken care off we have need information from cause we know there was life before 1964.
  2. Am not sure how to answer this question.
  3. Am not sure about the numbers but this should help us cause the Globe South info gap both mostly for women cause we have a lot of women involved in the straggle for independence
  4. Yes for one the historical gap in Zambia on Wikipedia plus other projects like wikidata
  5. Yeah I think so.

--User:ChaloNiZambia (talk) 14:41, 5 September 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Feedback from Middle East and Africa regional funds team[edit]

Dear Icem4k, thanks for submitting this grant request to run editathons dedicated to the Zambia Independence Day. We have reviewed your application and we would to ask a few questions and requests:

  • We understood from your budget that you plan to run 4 events. Would you be able to provide more information about these events in question 3? Why 4 events? What will you do differently in these events?
  • Could you also please add your capacity building plan to question 4? Which skills do you want to increase and how?
  • Would you also bring a few examples of articles you will be editing?
  • In question 15, you described that you have developed a new type of learning material. Would you please provide more details about it?
  • Given that you will be organizing 4 editathons, we think that the metrics are low. Did you add metrics only for one event or all events together? Would you please update the metrics section with targets which are more relevant?

Please make indicated changes on Fluxx. Please log in to the Grantee Portal and you will see your application in the 'Proposals need attention' section. Please edit and re-submit your application by September 27, 2022.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for your time, DSaroyan (WMF) (talk) 12:55, 22 September 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Hi DSaroyan (WMF) thanks for the questions.
  • I may have uploaded the wrong budget plan that was if you look closely in that plan you will something WLE I didn't notice until I saw the question about why we are planning for 4 events and yet we just plan to have 3 we start on 22,23 and the last event on Independence day on 24 October 2022 you can check the page 2022 Independence Day Edit-a-thon. Why 3? Well, cause I want this to be short and simply more like a refresher course. What will be different mostly we don't get feedback from the participants this time around we will have a session for that at the end just to have a feel of what people feel about the Wikimedia Foundation and also Wikipedia in general.
  • The capacity of the building is a 100-seater hall. I want to work on how people can work on the research part and also writing plus how to determine what and who can be on Wikipedia. I will use my personal testimony and experience coming from the back of having to struggle on the English Wikipedia I know a thing or two that could help someone.
  • With all the Wikipedia guidelines available Wikipedia have been able to scale them down and more direct to what the participants need to know and take note of. At the same time I have added some of the useful links on the landing page landing page note section
  • It's a 3 and not a 4 I have corrected that. Keep in mind that the people that am trying to encourage those people to start writing and if I hike the numbers I may fail to reach that goal cause others may get discouraged if their article is deleted or flagged. So since this is some sort of refresher editathon I have put metrics that are realistic and achievable with the participants that I have but we will try by all means to short above and beyond. --Isaac Kanguya✌ (talk) 07:35, 25 September 2022 (UTC)[reply]