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Dear Alhen, I came across your project totally by chance, as I was looking for my IdeaLab submission named also... Wiki-cafe! I had no idea you had already coined the name, and you beat me to it hehe (even though my idea is based around a totally different theme, which has been going around in my mind for the past two years after the success of my project Wikitherapy: look it up here on Meta if you're interested in learning more). Anyway, I would be interested in learning more about the success and outcomes of your project. Have you written anywhere else about it? Could you send me a link? Warm wishes from the island of Kefalonia, Greece :-) --Saintfevrier (talk) 09:41, 10 October 2018 (UTC)Reply


Hello, Alhen, thank you for submitting this report. It looks like you achieved most of your initial goals creating friendly atmosphere and fun at your Wikicafe workshops! After reviewing your report, I have the following questions and comments:

  • We’re excited to see that you have had a high level of participation in your events. However, I could not find the list of articles edited at Wikicafes. Would you please edit this report to include a list of the articles edited during the events? Have you used an outreach dashboard to track the articles you were editing? If so, please link to it in the report, instead. If not, please consider using one in the future. You can find more info on tracking tools here and here.
  • In the grant proposal you mentioned that you would design leaflets and other materials to assist editors. Have you done so? Could you please make them available on Wikimedia Commons? What resources have you used in designing those materials?
  • In the proposal you also stated that you would like to write a post for the Wikimedia blog. Have you been able to write about these events on the Wikimedia blog?
  • We’re also glad that the Wikicafe has been mentioned in Bolivian media! Are there other media websites where it had been reported? Would you please provide links?
  • You reported that you would put more effort into planning of the workshops. If you need assistance, please follow this comprehensive guide that will provide you more insight into the planning and workflow of editathons.

Thank you again for organizing Wikicafes and for all your contribution to Wikimedia projects. I have accepted your final report and expense documentation. This grant is now complete. Best regards, DSaroyan (WMF) (talk) 07:22, 25 December 2019 (UTC)Reply