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Midpoint Report accepted[edit]

Dear Anthere,

Thank you for submitting this Midpoint Report! I am accepting it now with the following comments:

  • It's so impressive to see the numbers from your WLA 5-year roundup. 48,466 images donated, 225,7 million views, 80% newcomer attraction rate -- amazing! Congratulations on such a significant contribution of content and engagement over the last half a decade.
  • As always, it's such a pleasure to look at the winning photos. I just love the light in this one, the sense of motion in this one, and this one is so adorable. I especially enjoy this year's theme of play and the warmth and joy of photos of people engaging in activities they enjoy. You mention in the report that you collected stories about the photos from the winners. Can you point me to where those are recorded?
  • I appreciate the amount of effort you have gone to in order to make sure prizes are not only delivered to contest winners, but done so with some amount of celebration and fanfare from local affiliates.
  • I look forward to hearing the results from the committees.

Our grants administrator will be in touch with you about the second disbursement of your grant.

Warm regards,

--Marti (WMF) (talk) 20:04, 24 September 2019 (UTC)

Thank you Marti !
For the stories... I only used them in the French blog and on social media. And some were used in WMF blog post as well. This is a very good point indeed... I am going to add the best stories to a wiki page. I'll drop a link when done.
But in the meanwhile, here is an example. I featured two stories in the French blog. The best one is by far the story about the 1st prize winner. See the full blog here. This is the big grey rectangle below the 1st winner picture. Of course, I translated it in French :) Anthere (talk)