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Feedback on your request[edit]

The organizers of the Creative Commons 2017 Global Summit have applied for funding from the Wikimedia Foundation through our Conference and Events Grants Program. If this event is awarded funding, it will be designated a Wikimedia-organized event and will not be eligible for funding support through the Travel and Participation Support Program. Consequently, we will not be making a decision on this request until a determination has been made in regard to the Conference Grants proposal. You are welcome to track decisionmaking on that request by watching the talkpage of the proposal.

Kind regards, --Marti (WMF) (talk) 17:07, 30 March 2017 (UTC)Reply

Request not funded[edit]

Dear shahadusadik,

The application from Creative Commons for conference support has been declined, so your application is now eligible for review in the TPS program.

Thank you again for this request and for your your contributions to Wikimedia projects. We are really glad to hear that you are engaged in thinking about open licenses, and the open movement in general. That said, we are not able to fund your request based on the following criteria explained in the Travel and Participation Support page:

  • Fit with strategic priorities; Potential outcomes and impact: Your participation is not focused on making a contribution to Wikimedia projects or its volunteer community. Neither your form of participation nor its focus are closely linked with the Wikimedia strategic priorities of increasing participation or reach, or improving content on Wikimedia sites.
  • Contribution record: Your record of volunteer participation is still fairly new. We would like to see you develop a stronger volunteer history before representing the Wikimedia movement at non-Wikimedia events.

We welcome future requests from you that may be a better fit and wish you all the best in your future work.

Thank you once again for your interest in this program. Best regards, Marti (WMF) (talk) 16:37, 13 April 2017 (UTC)Reply