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Your contact information[edit]

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Explain your plan[edit]

Tell us about how you contribute currently, and how you would contribute if WMF were to gift a used laptop to you.

  • Editor, admin, co- founder of Egypt Wikimedians User Group, Organizer of Art+Feminism contest (2018), co-organizer of WikiAarabia Egypt (2017), WikiGap/Cairo 2018 & WikiWomen Prize for Arab World (2015-2016). I’m a Wikipedia Education Program Leader (WEP) and ambassador at Cairo, Al-Azhar & Minya Universities for more than 6 years and active member of Wikipedia Education Collaborative (Collab), as one of the few program leaders who mentor other programs around the world.
  • As a program leader for 11 consecutive terms, I gave at least 100 workshops and presentations ‎in Egypt and outside, trained more than 700 students and volunteers, participated in organizing events and conference for the education program in Egypt from 2012 till 2018. I represented the Egyptian program in the first celebration conference in Jordan in August 2013 and WEP Hackathon in Amman, Jordan in May 2014, attended Wikimania 2014 in London, Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City, Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017 in Stockholm and Wikimedia Conference 2018 in Berlin. I’m an active member of Egypt Wikimedians user group as well; represented Egypt Wikimedians user group in the community village at Wikimania 2015 and Wikimania 2016 to introduce Wikipedia Education Program in Egypt.
  • Personal achievement: Total edits on Wikimedia projects: 64٬868. Created articles: (719); Featured articles (17); Good articles (7); Featured portals (3); Featured lists (2). Featured photos on Wikipedia (33); Featured photos on Commons (2) & good photos on Commons (39).

Affected projects[edit]

Add the existing Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Commons, etc.) and language versions that you seek to impact with this equipment.

Work you're proud of[edit]

Show us (through links) some of your best Wikimedia work, on or off wiki, to help us get a sense for the kind of work you do. (no more than 3 or 4 links at most, please.)


IF YOU ARE REQUESTING THIS ON BEHALF OF A WIKIMEDIA AFFILIATE (i.e. to be owned by a Wikimedia affiliate rather than an individual), please type your affiliate name below, and add a link to your affiliate's public equipment tracking page.

Affiliate name
Egypt Wikimedians User Group
Public equipment tracking page


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You are encouraged to track the impact this equipment has helped you make. This encourages WMF to donate more hardware.