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Idea Workshop 2017 (Wikimedia CH)

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Idea Workshop 2017 - Wikimedia CH

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Wikimedia CH is organizing a community workshop on Saturday, May 20th in Olten at the University of Applied Sciences & Art Northwestern Switzerland from 10:30 am to 4 pm.

The purpose of this event is for the Wikimedia community to get together and collaboratively shape the projects and strategies of the WMCH association for the upcoming years whilst staying within the framework set by the Wikimedia Foundation and the vision of the WMCH Board and staff.

If you have ideas and projects you wish to share with us, this is a great opportunity to do so and help build your local chapter.

To participate please REGISTER or contact your community liaison or send an email to info(_AT_)wikimedia.ch.


  • Opening: presentation and agenda
  • Safe space policy: introduction and acceptance
  • Strategy of Wikimedia CH: overview
  • 2017 projects: overview
  • Call for projects: How does it work?
  • Work groups: discussion about the main topics of the strategy.

The work groups will discuss the three main areas of our strategy:

  • Community
  • Education
  • GLAM (Galleries Libraries Archives Museums)

and the three enablers:

  • Technology
  • Communication
  • Diversity



  • Date: 20th of May 2017
  • Location: Olten, University of Applied Sciences & Art Northwestern Switzerland. Building and Room number will be announced asap.
  • Time: 10:30am – 4pm
  • Food & beverage: Lunch will be offered
  • Travel: Participants have the possibility to ask for reimbursement of their travel costs up to the value of a travel by train in the second class via the WMCH Expense Report (receipts and/or justification required).
  • Accommodation: Wikimedia CH offers the possibility to stay in a hotel near Olten overnight (Friday to Saturday) for participants whose journey takes more than 2 hours. If you need accommodation, we need to know by May 18th. Please note that availability may be limited.
  • Language: The workshop will be moderated mainly in English. However, we would like to set the frame of the workshops according to your preferences, so that you can speak in your mother tongue.
  • Register: Registration is open through this link until May 19th.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your community liaisons directly or you may write an email to info(_AT_)wikimedia.ch.

Safe space policy

To assure a friendly and safe space for discussions, Wikimedia CH will use a safe space policy during the event.


To participate to the workshop, please register using this link or contact your community liaison.