Implementation of the Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy in Tanzania

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Timeline of the Strategy events.
One page overview of the recommendations.


ThiS page contains various information regarding the processess, activities and events organized by Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania for implementing the 10 Wikimedia Movement Strategy Recommendations.

Pre-Global Movement Strategy internal prioritization meetup[edit]

The Pre-Global Movement Strategy internal prioritization meetup in Tanzania was an online meet-up call to brief different steps that Wikimedia Strategy has passed, the stage we are in, brief explanation to the 10 recommendations followed by identification and prioritization of some of the 10 Movement Strategy recommendations that the community of Wikimedians of Tanzania will focus on in terms of its implementation. This was a preliminary discussion by some of the active group members, and was part of a series of events that are to happen after the first and second global conversations on 21st and 22nd Nov 2020.


Thursday Nov 19, 2020 (06ː00pm to 07ː30pm EAT)

  • General Introduction and Recap on Movement Strategy Process
  • Movement Strategy activities done in Tanzania and in East Africa
  • General Overview about the 10 recommendations
  • General Questions and Answers
  • Prioritization of the recommendations
  • Next Events (Global Strategy event and Local Movement Strategy discussion in Tanzania)
  • Closing


After the introduction, recap and debriefing about the Wikimedia 2030 Movement strategy process in Tanzania and in East Africa, the participants were given a chance to prioritize the recommendation depending on whic they thought were the top recommendations that our community should prioritize interms of its implementation. After the prioritization process by the members, the votes were counted to obtain top 3 recommendations. The top 3 recommendations with larger votes were as followsː

Top 3 prioritized recommendations[edit]

Group / organization / community Number of participants Priority recommendation (1 of 3) Priority initiatives (from recommendation 1 of 3) Priority recommendation (2 of 3) Priority initiatives (from recommendation 2 of 3) Priority recommendation (3 of 3) Priority initiatives (from recommendation 3 of 3)
Wikimedia Tanzania
12 Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement 2.Funding for underrepresented communities

3.Increased awareness about the Wikimedia Movement
8.Align with environmental sustainability initiatives

Invest in Skills and Leadership Development 31.Global approach for local skill development - gathering data, matching peers, mentorship, recognition

33.Skill development infrastructure

Innovate in Free Knowledge 40.Policies for experimentation with projects for knowledge equity

41.Continuous experimentation, technology, and partnerships for content, formats, and devices

Organizing Team[edit]

  1. Jadnapac
  2. Clement Makangabila
  3. Pellagia Njau
  4. Olimasy

Meeting link[edit]

More information[edit]

  1. The recommendations full: Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Recommendations
  2. The initiatives: Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Transition/List of Initiatives
  3. Prioritization events: Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Transition/Prioritization events
  4. Global Events (21-22 Nov/5-6 Dec)Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Transition/Global Conversations


Otto Nyongole, Ebenezer Mlay, Eid John,Antoni Mtavangu, Ingo Koll, Dr. Joachim, Alex, Pellagia Njau, Clement Makangabila, Ally, Khamis Juma, Aristarik Maro
And anyone else is welcome to join us for the upcoming meetups