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Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon 2020

Proofreading texts

The following table lists the texts that will be used for this proofreadthon. These texts should all be of about the same difficulty of transcription, with no complicated formatting or unusual characters. There is no limitation on the number of books to be added. Any Wikisource user could proposed a book to be proofread. The book may be added anytime before the start or end day

Book inclusion criteria:

  • The books should not be available in Unicoded format in another third-party website. It will confirm that the Unicode format digital version fist publish by Wikisource.
  • Book should be in PD-India or out of copyright or Public domain. ( Cc-by-sa-4.0 as if you finish the OTRS process). If there any issues in commons to upload a PD-India license file, you may upload it local Wikisource.

How to decide copyright Status of a book:

Other languages:
English • ‎অসমীয়া • ‎ಕನ್ನಡ
Scan book placement as per Copyright Act 1957
Author death Publication License Commons Local Wikisource Remarks
<1920 <1920 {{PD-old-100-1923}} YesY NA
<1925 <1925 {{PD-old-80-1923}} YesY NA
<1925 1925-1940 {{PD-India-URAA}} YesY NA
<1925 1941-1960 {{PD-India}} NoN YesY
1925-1940 <1925 {{PD-old-70-1923}} YesY NA
1925-1940 1925-1940 {{PD-India-URAA}} YesY NA
1925-1940 1941-1960 {{PD-India}} NoN YesY
1941-1960 <1925 {{PD-1923}}; {{PD-India}} YesY NA
1941-1960 1925-1940 {{PD-India}} NoN YesY
1941-1960 1941-1960 {{PD-India}} NoN YesY
Anonymous work <1925 {{PD-US}}; {{PD-India}} YesY NA
Anonymous work 1925-1940 {{PD-India-URAA}} YesY NA
Anonymous work 1941-1960 {{PD-India}} NoN YesY
<1920 reprint>1960 {{PD-India}} YesY NA
Any Time >1960 Copyrighted NoN NoN
>1960 Any Time Copyrighted NoN NoN

Book preparation:

  1. Book should be upload in common/local with PD-India tag as described on the project page.
  2. Check the pages of the book thoroughly with respect to missing pages or disorder etc. If there any issue like this, please fix the issue before proofreading.
  3. Complete the all Index level works and Pagelist and check the page number. (if the Pagelist Widget not enable please enable it from here. )
  4. Add template {{rh|{{{pagenum}}}| Name |{{{pagenum}}}}} at header/footer as book of Index page.
  5. Change the progress to "C"












  • The below books are OTRS ticket cleared.