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International Wikinews Writing Contest 2

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The 2006 International Wikinews Writing Contest (IWWC) is intended to be the second Wikinews contest spanning multiple editions of the project (following the success of the first International Wikinews Writing Contest in Late 2005.) It will hopefully lead to a higher overall output of stories, and better cooperation across languages.

The basic idea is simple: Each contestant needs to write a story a day, or use a joker if available. When one fails to write a story within 24 hours, and runs out of jokers, one drops out of the contest. The last three persons to remain in the contest will be the winners.

Please translate the rules and instructions into other languages. The log and registration section should remain on this central page.

Translations: /Bg /De /Es /Fr /It /Ja /Nl /Pl /Pt /Ro /Sr /Sv /Uk

Detailed rules

  1. Contestants can sign up until May 16, 2006 for early entry.
  2. Every contestant has to write a minimum of one news article per day of at least 3 paragraphs of their own writing (including translations from other editions), covering the most important aspects of the story.
    • Articles that are copyright violations or deleted through community processes for other reasons are disqualified.
    • For this contest, "every day" means one article for each day of the week in your timezone (i.e. a submission on 23:59 on Thursday and 00:01 on the immediately following Friday would still count).
  3. Every contestant receives 3 initial "jokers". These can be used to skip a day.
  4. Contestants can earn new jokers (see below).
  5. When a contestant doesn't submit an article for a day, and has no jokers left, they drop out of the race.
  6. The contest runs until only three contestants remain, at which point the prizes are distributed.



Writing a story every single day can be hard work. Wikinewsies have families, lives, and accidents. Jokers can be used to "take a break" and not write a story for a single day. In order to use a joker, simply fill your spot in the log by saying "First joker - ~~~~", "Second joker", etc. If you do not submit an article on a given day, your joker will automatically be used. After you have run out of jokers, you have one last chance to submit an article by the end of the day (in your timezone) to stay in the contest. If you wish to drop out, please explicitly say so.

You start with three jokers and can earn new ones. There are two ways to earn additional jokers:

  1. Submit more than one article on a given day. For every additional article you publish, you receive one joker. Of course, the same standards apply for these articles as for any other: three paragraphs of your own writing, no violation of community policies.
  2. Submit an article which contains original reporting, such as a quote, an exclusive photograph, an interview, or the results of investigative research (this should be documented on the talk page of the article). For every such article you get one joker.

You can earn no more than 3 jokers on a single day. The total number of jokers you can hold is not limited.

Please note that in order to make sure that the contest actually ends, the judges may, in a majority decision, modify the rules for the handing out of jokers during the contest.

Late entry: article debt


It is possible to join the contest after May 16, but you will have accumulated an article debt for the days you have not participated. For example, if you join on June 1, you have an article debt of 17 articles. By June 1, or once the number of contestants drops to 3 or less, late entry will end.

You have to reduce your debt by at least one article per day to avoid dropping out. The only way to reduce your debt is to earn and spend jokers. Some example strategies to get out of debt:

  • spend all the jokers you get at the beginning of the contest
  • write at least one additional article per day until you are out of debt
  • write only articles which include original reporting until you are out of debt.

Contestant Sign-up Sheet


Please note your time zone or location. Register and contribute by May 16 to avoid article debt!

Either use your account on Meta to sign, or link to your local user page, e.g. n:en:User:Eloquence. Please note the language(s) that you will write articles in.

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  1. --Cspurrier 20:57, 21 April 2006 (UTC) (EST/EDT)[reply]
  2. Brian Wikinews / Talk 08:42, 22 April 2006 (UTC) (NZST)[reply]
  3. --Lyellin 01:06, 23 April 2006 (UTC) (EST)[reply]
  4. --Sj 13:13, 23 April 2006 (UTC)[reply]
  5. --PVJ59 12:06, 29 April 2006 (UTC) (IST) (GMT + 5:30)
  6. --KeithH 08:12, 1 May 2006 (UTC) (HST: UTC -10)[reply]
  7. --Zanimum 20:37, 1 May 2006 (UTC)[reply]
  8. --DragonFire1024 17:34, 4 May 2006 (UTC)[reply]
  9. --Nathan Carter (Talk) 11:16, 10 May 2006 (UTC)(AEST UTC + 10)[reply]
  10. --The Girl Who Sold The World 21:52, 16 May 2006 (UTC) (IST) (GMT + 5:30)[reply]
  11. --Elliot_K (wikinewsie)17 May 2006 (hoping i'm not too late to enter)

Current standings

Through June 11
User Jokers A.D. T.Z. Links
Cartman02au 44 0 UTC +11 English Wikinews, Personal log
PVJ59 2 0 UTC +5.5 English Wikinews
3 Remaining Contestants




Any Wikinewsie who is not a contestant can register here to be a judge. If you object to a particular registration, please note so in the appropriate section. Judges mediate in case of disputes, hand out jokers (by commenting below the submission in the log), cross out contestants, and decide which article submissions should be rejected.

There must be at least one judge speaking a language before members of that language edition can participate.

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Feel free to submit prizes here. These will be shared by the three remaining contestants (if they can reach no consensus on how the prizes should be distributed, they can continue the contest until only one contestant remains).

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  • One year of smack talking rights

Wot no prizes? I'll paypal an evil amount of money (66.60 EUR) to the winner. :-) --Brian McNeil / talk 21:29, 20 May 2006 (UTC) 21:27, 20 May 2006 (UTC)