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International logo contest/Final logo variants/Robert lee

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historical pages 2003 Wikipedia international logo contest (logo comments, Robert lee)
This was an international contest held from July 20 to August 27 2003, gathering 150 proposals. After the early proposal by Chuck Smith on October 12, 2002, the contest was first proposed on June 14, 2003 by Erik Moeller, who argued that the logo (adopted in January 2002 from the Logo suggestions) was unaesthetic, not international, and portrayed a text-only Wikipedia.

Robert Lee's variant[edit]

The above image illustrates the concepts I outlined above. (In International logo contest/Final logo variants/Nohat -- Nohat) The image is just a rough sketch and would need to be redone by a real artist. I think a uniform background is nicer to look at than having separate colors for each puzzle piece. If the rings are not desires, a separate entity such as Jupiter could be used. I've also make variations with text. In these images, one glyph appears centered in each puzzle piece in semi-trasparent black against the planet surface. This particular image represents science. Other images could have been used (a ball, water droplet, earth, etc...). I think the moon would be interesting because it can be associated to knowledge in general without invoking a science theme. Any thoughts? Robert Lee

It's a clever idea, but I think that you're on to the major problem in that it invokes a science theme. Also, I think making the puzzle sphere a celestial body makes comparisons to the death star even more likely. -- Nohat 04:23, 29 Sep 2003 (UTC)