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Contact details[edit]

Wikimedia username Bhuvana_Meenakshi Email (optional)

Your contribution[edit]

Please answer the questions below

  • Active project name:
(Please name the Wikimedia projects you primarily work on such as Tamil Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Gujarati Wikisource, Wikidata etc.)

Wikimedia Commons, MediaWiki, Tamil Wikipedia(volunteering in supporting community activities by teaching works around Wikimedia Commons)

  • Contribution:
What are some of your best contribution to Wikimedia so far? (Please add relevant links)
  • Conducted a workshop for 50+ students as part of the Internship program and the contributions of individuals who participated in this event can be seen here.
  • Other activity:
  • Participated in Wiki Loves Food, India
  • Active contributor and participant in Small Wiki Tool South Asia

Future activities (optional)[edit]

You can write your future plans in brief. Please mention the projects, areas or topics you want to work on Wikimedia in the upcoming months

  • To explore more on SWT and contribute to the same
  • To explore more specific JS based bugs on Phabricator and resolve them
  • Help in the growth and the outreach of Tamil Wikimedia Community in more detailed topics of Wikimedia Commons.
  • Will be publishing 100 videos on Wikimedia Commons on behalf of an author who is physically challenged. Relicensing work in progress so within this month the work will get started.

Application status[edit]

Is your application complete? (please write "Yes" or "No")