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This initiative has been designed to impart basic to intermediate level technical skills for volunteers working on Wikimedia projects of languages in the South Asian region. It is a part of Small wiki toolkits initiative to help small wikis develop their capacities in various technical areas. In 2020, Indic-TechCom, in collaboration with WMF's Developer Advocacy team, designed and conducted a technical workshop series: SWT Indic Workshop Series 2020. Community members found these workshops quite helpful in developing their technical skills and their wiki communities' growth. The learning from these series has been documented in report. To increase the impact and also to make this initiative sustainable, it has been expanded to the larger South Asian region.
Current Plan
Each month, a workshop will be conducted on the last or second to last Sunday. Each workshop generally spans out for 2-3 hours and can accommodate up to fifteen participants. Topics for these workshops will be focused on technical spaces of Wikimedia and are chosen by the organising team from time to time, based on research, emerging interests/needs, and availability of trainers. Community members can also suggest topics from the workshops page. Occasionally, brainstorming sessions and discussions may be conducted instead of a workshop, to understand community needs. Currently, workshops will be conducted in batches of five i.e. a workshop for five months and one month is left for evaluation, reporting and planning for the next batch.

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